Monday, 21 January 2013

The Penny's Dropping

What a strange weekend, one of those weekends when you wonder if some journalists have had their beer doctored with a positivity herb.

Firstly the Guardian's Kevin McKenna penned (or rather typed) an article with the title 'Scottish independence is fast becoming the only option' and the unionists on various social networking sites were jumping with indignation. In the past I've often disagreed (although not totally) with Mr McKenna, but he makes some good points here and sums it up with his last paragraph.

With each passing week, it becomes more difficult to support a union that doesn't really exist anyway. Morally, it may soon become indefensible to remain in a state that rewards corruption and promotes inequality when you have an opportunity to leave it behind.

Then today's Scotsman published an article in which there was no negative criticism of the SNP. It appears the MoD has been telling porkies again when a few years ago it said it could not give the expenditure figures for different parts of the UK and it stopped collating the figures in 2007 for cost reasons.  

Now, via the FOI Act, it's discovered the figures are there but only for internal use and perhaps the reason for the reluctance to divulge the figures is because between 2007/8 and 2011/12 Scotland received only £3.17 billion of work out of £60 billion - a shortfall of about £1.9 billion less than its population share of government defence spending.  The MoD's defence is weak and no unionist commented on the findings. Surprise.  (Note to Alex Salmond - FOIs are a vital part of good government).

Of course there has to be a pro-union story in the Scotsman and today it's from the only Tory MP David Mundell.  At times - I mean very, very occasionally - I sympathise with Mr Mundell having to carry the burden he does, but that's only until he opens his mouth.  Today's nonsense from him is the usual unionist blethering.  Does anyone believe any unionist party will produce more power for the Scottish government if the referendum answer is no?  The Tory leader is still in the throes of an internal review of her party and is looking at how she sees devolution progressing, but I doubt if any substantial promises will result from the Tories or Labour.

Back in 1979 the unionists made similar promises, only for the voters of Scotland to find out that they'd been duped.

With Kevin McKenna's article it does seem as if the penny's dropping in media circles.  We can but hope other journalists stop reiterating their unionist friends' views and start to voice reality.

Speaking of reality, I came across this website. Do hope it raises a smile or two.  The video did it for me.


Independent England said...

Does it give figures for defence spending in England over the same periods?

William said...

Yes, and Scottish politics and Scottish politicians aren't corrupt.

Like so many Nationalist arguments, it's just so....twee.

pa_broon74 said...

No, because its a spoof site and yes; Scottish politicians can be corrupt, or at least those of a unionist persuasion, (see expenses Scandal.)

William, could this be the fabled positive case for the union? That, the nationalist case for independence is 'twee'?

Or did you mean to type true?

JRB said...

Subrosa, as you know, I would vote ‘Yes’ tomorrow but for …

This blinkered and ill-considered rush for Scotland to throw her new found Independence at the feet of the EU

To cast the yoke of Westminster domination only to accept the yoke of Brussels domination – that for me is not Independence but merely subjugation by a different master.

If the people of Scotland do have the desire for Independence then let them have the confidence and the courage to stand on their own two feet, not bent under the yoke of a continental controlling master.

(As if by coincidence, we now hear the voices of those opposed to this cancerous EU beginning to be heard at Westminster)

But in all this Independence debate where is the ‘Yes’ campaign – their current silence has been deafening - and that is worrying.

William said...

No, pa, there are many positive cases for the Union.

The only consistent Nationalist argument I hear is the one that goes Scotland has different 'values' from England and its people, not just its politicians, are somehow unsullied by human flaws like greed and corruption.

It is, of course, absolute pish.

Demetrius said...

A huge problem for the UK as a whole is the Westminster-City model. There are those in the South East, long ago home to the ancient Scotti tribes, who would be delighted to be part of a detached Scotland and separate from London.

Independent England said...

Can you give us some evidence for that statement Demetrius?

dognamedblue said...

a "positivity herb" you say? you wouldn't happen to have any would you? say an eighth? [whatever an eighth is] purely medicinal of course, for testing purposes, double blind, peer reviewed, you know that kinda thing?

I have no [or nae?] problem with independence, I think I've waxed on about the possibilities of oil revenue alone - not even mentioned whisky revenue [there's a thought, if we could get the rest of the planet pickled on whisky I think 5 million of us could take it over, just thinking out loud]

but if you could vote for whoever you wanted, your choice, would you even bother with what we're given? as our "choices"? seriously? don't get me wrong, I understand my view of execut... er locking up all mp's msp's & mep's & throwing away the key might not be acceptable to most, but sacking all of them for lies, corruption, fraud, warmongering & death has got to be a good start? keep the new "wannabies" in line to start with?

J. R. Tomlin said...

"I doubt if any substantial promises will result from the Tories or Labour."

Of COURSE there will be promises, Rosie. What there won't be is any of them KEPT if Scotland votes no. Jam tomorrow? I think Scotland's heard that one before.

And of course there are advantages to the Union. Why did all of those silly nations insist on breaking away instead of letting London run their business? Now they're begging to come back, but London won't let them. *snort*

subrosa said...

The article doesn't do that EP but the gross amount is £60 billion of which Scotland has had £3.17 billion. How much Wales and N Ireland have had I don't know.

subrosa said...

William, corruption happens in all walks of life. Politicians are no different.

subrosa said...

Did you enjoy the site pa_broon. Sadly the unionists are unable to laugh at themselves.

subrosa said...

Me too JRB. There was an article in the Scotsman today about Margo's take on it all. I think she hit the nail on the head. We shouldn't be talking about EU membership. That's for later.

subrosa said...

I'm beginning to realise London is a completely separate entity to the UK Demetrius. Took me a wee while to accept it.

subrosa said...

Try we wee drop of turmeric dognamed blue. It's supposed to rid us of the rubbish. :)

With a few exceptions I'd get rid of them all, but nobody's going to ask me.

subrosa said...

Exactly Jeanne. False (fake) promises. I wonder how many will fall for them. We can but wait.

Apogee said...

Mr McKenna speaks truth.

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