Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday Morning Music

Apogee's choice this week and it's the wonderful Melissa Venema. There's nothing like a well played brass instrument to brighten the day.


Lord Monty said...

Nice tune but I think I'd hide her trumpet on a Sunday morning. There are far better hangover cures ;)

Highland Cooncil said...


As you know I lived in Dundee for 4 years while attending Abertay Uni.1999-2004.

Anyway upshot of a small altercation the other day I find myself without cooking and cleaning staff.

I believe Dundee has thousands of comefy lasses looking for employment.

A blonde between 16-45ish would fit the bill. Bus ticket from Dundee paid in full.

Yer chum, Dave


subrosa said...

Oh I don't know Monty. That is more of the 'kill or cure' type perhaps though.

subrosa said...

Hi Dave, now what about height, weight, hair colour etc? Not too sure I know of any suitable 'candidates' for you. I know plenty in the over 60 bracket though but they're no' daft. :)

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