Friday, 4 January 2013

John Logie Baird Probably Is Birling In His Grave

I'm out of touch with the days this week. Until an hour ago I was convinced today was Saturday and was preparing my usual Take Your Pick post.  At my age wishing even a day away is dangerous for health so I must start to check the calendar on my iPad every morning.

Last year (which sounds so long ago), I started to play a word game on my iPad, while I drank my one and only cup of coffee of the day. The evidence that such 'brain games' are good for the memory seemed reasonable and combined with my bridge playing, I thought I would be staving off memory problems.  Admittedly, the ten minutes or so of the word game seems to ease me into the day far quicker than the half hour I used to spend gazing into the garden and daydreaming. (I still do that but not first thing in the morning).

Speaking of games (awful link, my apologies), why are second - or even third - rate comedians receiving so much publicity?

I noticed this quiz advertised on my Sky programme and decided it wasn't to my taste - perhaps because I can't thole Jonathan Ross or I hadn't heard of many of the participants or I'm not a fan of today's style of comedy.

It's common knowledge many of today's comedians' material can be offensive (was it every thus?), yet 240 television viewers were outraged enough to write to Channel 4 and complain about the content.

Channel 4 have yet to comment and the Daily Mail is upset.  May I suggest Channel 4 should issue a brief statement along the lines of 'Each television is provided with an on-off button'.

In this house, over the Christmas period, the television was on only to view a couple of films and folk occupied themselves with other activities as nothing more appealed to anyone.  Instead of television enhancing our lives it now seems to dominate it, and more and more, when I visit friends, if a television is on it's seldom switched off, although usually the volume is reduced.

I wonder if John Logie Baird expected his invention would replace social interaction? Probably he's birling in his grave as I type.


JRB said...

“ …while I drank my one and only cup of coffee of the day”

Therein lies the problem.

Whilst it may be pretentious to associated myself with George Clooney, I do recommend the particular brand of capsulated coffee and machine he advertises.
(- my idea of heaven)

I am a self confessed caffeine addict and a ‘hit’ of espresso is never far away.

As for our viewing habits.
It would appear that all of today’s society, from young to old, is inexorably linked to one screen or another.
Be it the smart phone in our hand; the sat-nav in our car; the one attached to the PC or the so called entertainment unit that sits in the corner, we all spend a considerable part of our day attached to a screen.

Social interaction probably died in the 50’s. In the foreseeable future the only interaction we will have with each other will be via Skype.

dognamedblue said...

not a lot of people know this
but Baird invented 3d television, without needing weird glasses too, at the same time he invented normal tv
infact it's highly likely you've even seen it countless times without realising it
most if not all hospitals in the uk use it, probably the only place it's found

subrosa said...

I don't think it's pretentious of you to mention George Clooney and yourself in the one sentence JRB. After all, he can't have a more attractive dog than yours.

I did think about purchasing one of these prior to Christmas JRB, but because it's usually decaf drunk here, I hesitated because I was unsure of regular use.

You're right though. Nobody even needs to leave home these days do they?

subrosa said...

I certainly didn't know that dognamedblue so I appreciate you bringing it to my attention - and other readers' of course.

Many thanks.

Lord Monty said...

Would that be x rays dognamedblue ?
Our Christmas lunch revolved around what was on tv..sad.
TV must be the best brainwashing idea ever invented. Probably explains why it was the only item the govt allowed on credit when it first came out.
I used to subscribe to the idea that there's an 'off' button SR but that doesn't work these days. We're constantly bombarded with propaganda and sometimes don't even realise it.
News, nature, gardening, drama, documentaries etc all pump out the same ideology. Esp the global warming myth. With no alternative view asked for or wanted.

JRB said...


[aside] Their decaffeinated coffees are equally delicious.
Highly commended – go on – treat yourself – you know you want to :)

… and before anyone asks – No, I’m not on commission – just a caffeine junkie.

dognamedblue said...

I think you could be right Lord, although I'm not sure, when I've seen it it has been used, in hospitals, to literally look at internal organs, but I also can't say whether it has ever been improved since it's invention, or whether they're still using it in its original form

Joe Public said...

I agree wholeheartedly - 'Each television is provided with an on-off button, so if you're offended, use it, & let others enjoy this programme"

Woodsy42 said...

"one and only cup of coffee of the day"

Good grief! How do you get past midmorning with only 1 cup?

Our TV was off and forgotten for days over the holiday period.

subrosa said...

That is sad Monty. Since my family were small I've insisted the TV was switched off during mealtimes - even Christmas Day. I play CDs nowadays with the likes of the Tiawana Brass and their Christmas music which is a family "oh no not again" type - but I know they'd miss it if it wasn't played.

Even with Sky I can seldom find anything to watch. It gets bad when, for company, I have QVC on. :) I can understand people having it on just for the company - like we did radio years ago.

subrosa said...

Thank you JRB, I have discussed it with the decaff addict here and may purchase the small one.

The thought of a quality decaff expresso in the morning is very tempting and it can take the place of the juicer on the worktop.

subrosa said...

Auch, a few years ago Woodsy I got scunnered with coffee and changed to fennel tea. Then, after a holiday in Italy, I missed my morning expresso, so started to have just one strong cup in the morning. I've never been tempted to return to drinking lots of it.

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