Saturday, 1 December 2012

Take Your Pick

Levenson(sic), Power and the Freedom of Speech

The BBC in overdrive for global warming and the EU

McAlpine Lawsuits

Whoops, someone slipped up

Rotherham: a missed opportunity for UKIP

Don't wish Beveridge a happy birthday

Norway, Scotland, and why I was wrong about the arc of insolvency

More medical good new ... the research we could be doing


banned said...

re "The BBC in overdrive for global warming and the EU"

Mr Redwood quotes a beeb report on climatechange
"...high rainfall would become much more common in the years ahead, as would dry hot summers..."

Two weeks ago I came across a BBC crew on their way to the Met Office to discuss our recent spate of Cold Wet summers and how that was a return to a pattern last seen in the 1950's. Someone is not with the program.

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