Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Public Information Signs


JRB said...

How very apt your first picture is …

It was only the other day that I arranged to meet up with a dear old friend. As we both had other things to do that day we decided rather than our usual wee dram and pub lunch we would meet earlier for a coffee and Danish.

Big mistake!

Oh! the Danish was fresh baked and delicious, the coffee was excellent and the charming young waitress popped back frequently to offer a top-up.

What was horrendous was the scene of carnage, mayhem and the accompanying cacophony of sound coming from an adjacent table.

It was a group of what, I believe, are called ‘yummy mummies’ with their darling little offspring. The children’s behaviour deteriorated just as quickly as the squealing noise level increased. Rather than dealing with the problem their offspring were creating, the yummy mummies just ignored it all, talking ever louder themselves above the din, merely adding to the crescendo of noise.

We left early – agreeing to meet next week in the pub!

Alec said...

Re the drink driving one, in Perthshire it might be... straight back in your car.


subrosa said...

After years of living on the continent JRB, I met some similar situations. I couldn't believe how destructive children could be in such situations. The parents usually laughed. Things haven't improved I see.

subrosa said...

Thank you for that Alec. A good one for the weekend's TYP.

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