Friday, 28 December 2012

New Technology

Stupidly I upgraded my OS X system yesterday and now find my Mac is terribly slow.  Fortunately there is someone visiting who is expert in all things Apple and the result of an examination of my 6-year-old computer is that the memory is unable to cope with the complexities of the new system.

I say fortunately because my family has decided I ought to have a new iMac and I've been sternly informed the gift will be my birthday and Christmas presents for the next 5 years.

New memory could have been purchased for my current computer but is it worth spending £150 on an old machine?  Hopefully I'll be able to sell this one once I've reinstalled the original OS X system and cleared it of all the debris which gathers on a regular basis.

Disappointingly, due to the holiday, Apple can't deliver the new machine for a couple of weeks and because I've no desire to go to Aberdeen or Glasgow to collect one, patience is the name of the game. I will try to use Blogger on my iPad but it's not great, so please bear with me until I'm back to having a computer which responds, once again, to my every whim.

Of course, I now have the perfect excuse to post some of my favourite videos!


Dioclese said...

A friend of mine had the same trouble in that his old Mac wouldn't cope with the new Mountain Lion OSX.

I recently switched from an Acer Windows (sorry for swearing!) box to a MacBookPro. Best decision I ever made.

Faster, more reliable, better made. Unfortunately twice the price but worth it. It took me a while to adjust, but once I'd worked out that it's basically a Unix box with a GUI front end on it, I was flying.

I went for the best spec (8Gb memory, 750Gb HDD, i7) which might not be totally future proof, but it should keep me going for many years to come.

...but then again!

Joe Public said...

Rosie, never, ever, buy memory from Apple.

The reason Apple has more cash than the UK (OK anyone with a savings account has more cash than the UK) is that it arrogantly takes its customers for a ride.

For my laptop, Crucial Memory 8GB =£35 inc VAT. Apple wants £160.00

microdave said...

Joe beat me to it!

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

I've got a new pen.

All I need now is a fresh mind, and once again the sparks may fly.

As for computers, I'm waiting until they produce the paraffin model -I've been assured a mixture of Esso Blue, Alladin Pink and agricultural red as additions will give the full spectrum of colour enhancement.

However I have still concerns with regard to emissions.

Elby the Beserk said...

£150 for memory! What?

Suggest you go to Crucial or Kingston who will I am sure be able to offer you good memory sticks fare cheaper. Also, I think both sites can scan you machine and come up with appropriate suggestions. E.G. You should be able to get 8GB for under £40 and that should be more than enough!

Happy New Year to you and yours

Elby the Beserk said...

Ah yes. Joe Public beat me too it and agrees!

subrosa said...

A similar thing has happened to me Dioclese. I'll have 8Gb memory in the new one but I'm sticking with a 21" screen as I think the 27 will be too big.

Macs are superb quality and on the odd occasion I need to use the laptop, I find it very basic graphic wise.

subrosa said...

Is memory a 'one size fits all' system Joe? Whoever buys this one can fit it if the want but they'll also need to upgrade the OS to Lion. Still, there's nothing actually wrong with this for basic browsing. It's just that I have lots of tabs going and other software.

Anyway I wasn't going to turn the offer down. :)

subrosa said...

Ah, so it is microdave. Then someone will be able to do it for £35.

subrosa said...

Great stuff John! I'm aware my handwriting is deteriorating these days but I still do my best to write letters to friends.

subrosa said...

Thanks Elby. I'll recommend that site to the new owner of this machine.

Joe Public said...


Memory type & speed varies; and, has to be compatible with the particular computer.

Crucial's website is laid out very clearly, and, there are a number of short videos showing exactly how to replace your memory.

There's a choice of either using their 3 x consecutive Drop-Down lists to determine what's needed

Or, you can use their "Memory Scanner" tool.

They also offer the relevant tiny cross-head screwdriver needed for undoing the bottom casing of your laptop.

I've no commercial connection with Crucial; just a pleasant, easy, buying+using experience.

If only replacing memory in us old 'uns was so cheap & easy; Dementia & Alzheimers would be eradicated at a stroke.

subrosa said...

Joe, thanks for that. The person in my family who knows about such things has gone home, but they say they would have bought from Crucial.That was the original plan then they decided a new one would save them having to buy birthday presents for a few years!

I'm not arguing. :)

mitch10 said...

A great quote for the coming new year. Let’s start thinking more of others and less of ourselves. Nice post.

microdave said...

Increasing the amount of RAM memory is the cheapest, and best way to improve any computer - whatever the make. Manufacturers invariably install the least that they can get away with to save a few quid, and create a market for upgrades. When MS introduced Windows 7 they provided a compatibility check to enable existing users to see if their machine met the minimum required spec. Surely Apple can tell you what is needed for the new OS to run effectively? If the processor is OK then 35 quids worth of memory would be a quick way to get your existing machine working again.

subrosa said...

It's my processor that's unable to cope microdave. This iMac is one of the first but it's been good to me and I've had my money's worth.

I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth was I? :)

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