Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Day In Brussels

MEPs at work.

This is productivity in Brussels.

They get €8,000+ a month for their efforts.

They receive very generous expenses too.

€8,000+ a month

Working for the good of their countries

Yes they're paid €8,000+ a month.


Joe Public said...

C'mon Rosie, you'd get get bored stiff listening to hundreds of other politicians droning on, day after day.

They desperately need to sleep between thinking up creative ways to max-out their Tax-Free expenses.

The EU's recent windfall of 1,470,515,000 Euros from the TV-tube makers' cartel will pay for 10,208 MEP-years' worth of politicians.

JRB said...

Please tell me that there is a substantial typo in your piece – surely you have inadvertently added a couple of ‘0’s - you don’t really mean that MEPs actually get E12,000 – per month??? That’s £9762 !!!

Whatever way you look at it it’s a damn site more than the basic state pension.

So this has got me wondering – would anyone like to sponsor an opinionated old curmudgeon of a Highlander pensioner to be their next MEP. (Have already mastered the delicate art of the post-prandial siesta)

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Rosa- you have exploded the myth of there ever being the need for the connection between piss-up and brewery - all that's needed is political institutions and brain-drained politicians on sinecures.

We would get more action from them if we changed the latter to Cenopods and still get the same results.

JRB - I propose we cross sponsor.

Demetrius said...

At first sight I thought it was the Houses of Parliament. Only they don't get paid so much and have to make up the difference on their expenses claims.

Lord Monty said...

"In In Brussels" ? ;)

It's sad seeing the SNP begging to join this rubber stamping greedy 'parliament'.
I've never met anyone who can name their MEP.

subrosa said...

Joe I've been bored by many workplaces at times but never behaved like this.

Hope you are impressed by the small file sizes. ;) Thanks.

subrosa said...

I'm sure we would Crinkly. Sadly we'll not be able to prove that.

subrosa said...

JRB, the 12,000 is an average monthly salary but the basic is 8.000+ (2012 figures have not yet been published). Most have substantial increases due to committees etc.

That makes the basic monthly pay £6.500+. Still an extortionate amount.

subrosa said...

Therein lies the difference Demtrius, or perhaps it's not so different. MEPs still claim expenses.

subrosa said...

Ah Monty, you spotted the deliberate mistake. :) Amended now. Thanks for pointing it out.

Lord Monty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lord Monty said...

re- MEP expenses SR....

For 2011....

basic wage..euro 7068 monthly

daily subsistence euro 304 x 20 ( assuming no weekend 'working') = euro 6080 monthly.

monthly expenses...euro 4299

Total monthly..euro 17447


Calculated at 38.5% of an ECJ judge apparently.

Lord Monty said...

With pay rises since 2011 their monthly income will be about euro 20,000 tax free.

Or 20,000 x12 = 240,000 per annum
equivalent to 480,000 per annum on the proposed 50% tax rate for high earners.

Or £390,433.92p per yr at today's exchange rate.

subrosa said...

Monty, many thanks for that. I didn't see that site. Amazing amount of money isn't it?

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