Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday Morning Music

One of Hazel Lowry's favourites - Isaac Guillory.

This recording of Blues Is Just A Bad Dream was made at the Freight and Salvage, Berkeley in 1989.


Demetrius said...

You could also try The Dubliners doing "McAlpine's Fusiliers".

subrosa said...

I'll do that for next Sunday Demetrius. Any preferred Youtube link or will I choose?

Barney Thomson said...

Thanks for that, SR. That guy is good.

So are this lot (pure quality) -

John Etheridge plays with Christian Garrick nowadays, replicating the Grappelli experience. Catch them if you can but they mostly play down here in SE England.

Barney Thomson said...

P.S. (apologies)

Why have I never heard of Isaac Guillory before? My shame. Just been finding out more about him.

Those of my (our?) vintage remember this song as an anthem of our idealistic youth. I have never heard it sung better. Thank you again.!

subrosa said...

Hi Barney, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the links, I'll use them for a Sunday if you don't mind.

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