Tuesday, 23 October 2012

On Sunday night BBC 2 Scotland broadcast Anthony Baxter's film You've Been Trumped.  It can be view here in iPlayer for the next 13 days.

Although I saw the film in St Andrews some months ago, viewing it again reconfirmed my view that it is a classic case of the powerful trampling all over the powerless, regardless of the law.  In fact the law behaved in a despicable manner throughout to the local residents.

This development broke many laws - tampering with water supplies to residences, flattening dunes in a sight of special scientific interest, borderline trespass and harassment to locals - that would not be tolerated were it not done by a billionaire.

What is so sad is that the golf complex will generate a pitiful number of jobs - a few greenkeepers, caddies, plus a handful of other staff - but nothing worthy of the damage done to the local community.

The Menie dunes will keep moving and not even a billionaire will be able to stop them. Off-shore windmills could be the least of Trump's problems.


Demetrius said...

We are about to get an icy blast from the North this weekend, so it is said. Also, we may be due for a really big storm in the North Sea at some stage in the near future. What price the shape of the current coast line in some places?

JRB said...

… the only word required to describe this atrocity.

All and any who proffered support to this debacle will forever be condemned.

Anon said...

Another mistake by the SNP.

- Aangirfan

Brian said...

Why can't Donald Trump just watch Local Hero http://youtu.be/hm-ZHUfCTwk and change his plans?

subrosa said...

Price to nature and communities matters little to politicians. It's the financial reward they see and that alone Demetrius.

subrosa said...

Exactly JRB.

subrosa said...

Too many happening these days Aangirfan. They've now lost their power base in the NE over this debacle.

subrosa said...

I wish Brian.

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