Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Home Made Ice Cream Using Condensed Milk

Dr Rohen Kapur has kindly provided me with his own version of vanilla HaagenDaz ice cream.  He says you can't taste the difference between his home made and the commercial product.  Somehow I think his home made may be better, but I won't know until I try this.

Here's Rohen's recipe:

Three egg yolks, 

A good quantity of demerara sugar about 4 dessert spoonfuls, 300 mls double cream and a tin of condensed milk along with a vanilla pod and a teaspoon of vanilla essence (the £5.50 vanilla extract in a brown bottle found in the supermarkets in the baking section)

A thermometer (You need the thermometer or your custard will become sweet scrambled eggs)


Heat the cream and add the sugar and vanilla until starting to froth, let cool

Beat three egg yolks until they lighten in colour and then whilst stirring them pour your cream and sugar mix over them whilst stirring, make sure that the temp is not more than 50 degrees at this point ( remove vanilla pod) ( I use one that has been already used up and then just put them in a sugar container.

Once they have been mixed return the mixture to the hob and heat gently to 64 degrees Celsius This will make sure that the custard thickens and then take off heat and mix a tin of condensed milk in with the mixture, Mix well and then cool. 

Once cool pour into suitable container and freeze 

Tastes just like HaagenDaz Vanilla...

If you want strawberry ice cream miss out the vanilla and add enough strawberries to make the mixture pink (frozen work best apparently)


JRB said...

Strange you should post this – for on a similar vein …

You will recall the recent posts re Carnation …
well I did buy some condensed milk fully intent on boiling it in the can, but a recent recipe I saw on TV had a greater attraction (plus less risk to life or limb)

It’s from the lovely Nigella; yes I do watch cookery programmes; and believe me this is delicious

One-step no-churn coffee ice cream
By Nigella Lawson from ‘Nigellisima’

300ml/10fl oz double cream
175g/6oz condensed milk
2 tbsp instant espresso powder
2 tbsp espresso liqueur (or coffee liqueur)

Preparation method
1.Whisk all the ingredients together until soft peaks form, and you have a gorgeous, caffè-latte-coloured airy mixture, and then fill an airtight container and freeze for six hours or overnight.


Joe Public said...

Yet another posting leaving your readers in a state of salivatory expectation.

Perhaps you should ask Nestle for an Introductory Commission on their increased sales?

subrosa said...

I shall try yours too JRB as it seems slightly easier and anything coffee-flavoured is greatly appreciated by someone here.

subrosa said...

Oops Joe, it wasn't my intention to be advertising manager for Nestles. Maybe because I'm still recovering from the bug, I'm subconsciously looking for comfort food which can be tasted.

Is that a reasonable excuse?

Dr Rohen Kapur said...

I finally got round to freezing it. It is delicious and doesn't need churning.

Will be making it again.

subrosa said...

I'm laying off dairy products until this chest infection clears up Rohen, but two tins of the milk sit in the cupboard awaiting use.

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