Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The 76-Year Wait Is Over

Britain has another male Grand Slam champion after 76 years and Scotland has its first. A brilliant, gutsy performance and achieved without a penny of taxpayer's money.

The fact that Djokovic had won four of the previous seven Grand Slam tournaments, including the last three played on hard courts, underlined the magnitude of Andy's achievement.

He should have the freedom of Dunblane.

Let's not forget his predecessor:

Fred Perry US Open - 10 Sept 1936
picture courtesy of the Daily Mail

More facts: Andy Murray has now become the first man in history to win Olympics gold and the US Open in the same year.


Lord Monty said...

"without a penny of taxpayer's money"

Good win for Andy but I shudder to think of the hundreds of millions that taxpayers have spent via the BBC to fund the coverage and all the sleb hangers on commentators.
While our national football team gets no live tv coverage at all. A sport that has a lot more followers in Scotland.
Oh and how will Scotland benefit with this win ? My local tennis courts are glass and weed strewn wildernesses with tennis a game for the middle class.

Captain Ranty said...

Very pleased to see that British tennis ace Andy Murray has won the grand slam for Britain. A great win for the Brit, his fellow Britons are extremely chuffed.*

* This comment is sponsored by the Unionists. Obviously.

Declaration: I don't even like tennis, but I do like causing trouble. Obviously.


subrosa said...

The BBC didn't cover the US Open Monty - it was Sky. The BBC only covers Wimbledon.

We're having new courts built here and that's because locals have been pressurising councillors. The progress has been halted at the moment though because they're waiting for the sale of the old courts.

I don't think it's just for the middle classes. Depends what you want to spend your money on.

subrosa said...

Maybe you don't like tennis Ranty but you couldn't say the lad's success wasn't well deserved.

Captain Ranty said...


I admire the mans tenacity. He worked hard for it and of course he fully deserves it.


Lord Monty said...

I know the BBC didn't cover the US Open on tv SR but the US Open is just part of the millionaires circuit. I was talking in general about their Wimbledon coverage ( which costs "10's of millions annually'") and whether it was fair that taxpayers support this. International football and regional tv programmes are all being dumped in order to fund this expensive fortnight.

Independent England said...

"...A great win for the Brit, his fellow Britons are extremely chuffed.*

This 'fellow Briton' isn't extremely chuffed. In fact,as an English nationalist, I couldn't give a monkeys whether Scotsman Murray wins or loses.

subrosa said...

He does indeed Ranty.

subrosa said...

You're obviously a football fan Monty.

It's all to do with money and who bids the most.

I expect you don't like the BBC broadcasting golf, rugby or snooker either.

subrosa said...

So you don't recognise talent IE unless it's only English talent.

That's kind of a small world you support.

Independent England said...

I didn't say I don't recognise his talent Subrosa. Murray is cleary very talented. I just don't care whether he wins or not. If he's good enough he'll win if not then he'll lose. In the same way that I don't support any other foreign player. I admire them and recognise their talent but I don't support them!

Demetrius said...

The boy done good and all credit to him. Can you think of a Kathleen Ferrier song to fit? Her mum was a Murray.

Allan said...


The BBC couldn't afford the rights to show the US Open, and can't afford to show either Scotland live, or England international matches either. If you want to blame someone, blame the governing bodies.

As for Mr Murray, congratulations to him in breaking his duck. Finally.

Lord Monty said...

SR..the BBC rarely show golf live. Usually just the British Open. Which I enjoy.

Alan..yes I know. They prioritise with sports that I mostly think are boring. I'd prefer it to be scrapped and I'd spend the £146 tv tax on things that I like instead.

subrosa said...

I accept your view IE.

subrosa said...

I can't think of one off the top of my head Demetrius but isn't there one called "How Clear The Vision" or similar wording? Long time since I heard it but it's the opening of an opera I think.

subrosa said...

Having spoken to a few golfers today Monty, I'm told the Open is all the BBC wants to broadcast.

May I suggest that the BBC doesn't consider their customer base except in the highly populated south.

Independent England said...

How awfully nice of you!!

subrosa said...

It is isn't it IE. All part of being a courteous blogger.

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