Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday Morning Music

Today's music is the preferred choice of Clarinda who requested this video
in memory of the the five Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan this week. Two of the soldiers were named yesterday. Both were special forces and one was on his sixth deployment to Afghanistan.

Clarinda's email said:

'The lyrics get me every time and although written for the dead almost 100 years ago – nothing much changes.  Particularly notable during the Paralympics when so many are war ‘wounded’.

How could anyone disagree?


Dioclese said...

I am a great fan of Bogle. This is one of his more serious songs.

Some time ago I did a video to his anti-racist song "I hate wogs" and guess what? YouTube banned it for being racist. Idiots.

subrosa said...

Idiots indeed Dioclese. Oh the way in which this PC culture is destroying the world.

wisnaeme said...

Aye, the man certainly had the acute perception as a master wordsmith. That's for sure.
....and on a personal note. In the early sixties I was a Barnardo's brat in one of their homes in Peebles, Craigerne to be precise. Our music teacher was a man named Mr Campbell. A gifted clarinetist, who sometimes took me along to a local scout's hall cum church hall cum community hall where he had a want to jam with other musicians, young and old. I met Eric there a few times as Mr Campbell and himself and others enjoyed erm jamming in a Skiffle band. Eric's dad was a fine piper as well. A few years ago I bought one of his CDs up in Skye and played it on the journey home. One track stood out and has done so ever since. As I have already mentioned, I was in a children's home and there was definately no warmth or affinity with my father. Eric, judging by the lyrics of his song felt that way too but put it into words in a way I could never do. I suggest you google the lyrics to "The Journey" by eric Bogle and feel the sadness of some very private, spoken thought.Thankyou Eric.

subrosa said...

Hi wisnaeme. What a lovely memory.

I don't remember a clarinetist by the name of Campbell but I do remember the cellist Whittie (I think it was). He had the paper shop next to Aiken's the grocer.

maladjustice said...

I remember Mr.Campbell well,ex RAF second world war -used to take me home to Edinburgh on occasion during the holidays -interesting you were there in the 60's, I left about'66

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