Friday, 14 September 2012

Paddy Power

Today there is a procession of Scots Olympians and Paralympians in Scotland's biggest city to celebrate their achievements in London 2012.

I understand Andy Murray will be unable to attend.  His advisors say he is 'emotionally and physically exhausted' - understandable - and will be visiting Scotland this Sunday to thank his fans for his support.

During a recent interview Andy mention Braveheart was one of his favourite films and from that comment a skillful Photoshopper created the above image.

Unfortunately I don't know who deserves the credit for the idea or image but I would be happy to acknowledge them if they contact me.

It certainly made me smile and that's not something I'm prone to do much before noon.

Note:  This post is not making any political statement but sharing a little humour.

Update: Why is the parade being held on a weekday?  Surely a weekend would be far more suitable for children and adults who would like to see him.


RMcGeddon said...

Sounds like he's caught a bug or something. Still tired 4 days after a game of tennis. Did he not miss the Olympic opening ceremony and the post Olympic parade in London as well ?

subrosa said...

Like some others he decided not to attend the opening ceremony because he wanted to live at home. (He had stayed in the village a few days prior to the opening).

He couldn't attend the London parade because he was playing the final in the US.

I can understand why he's exhausted and Sunday sounds a much better day to visit. Why they're having a parade on a weekday I've no idea - unless it's to suit the politicians. Few school children will be able to attend and even fewer working people.

RMcGeddon said...

I suppose it's possible that he's just covering for his mum SR. Maybe she wanted to stay over in New York a bit longer or is actually poorly herself. I know he always likes his mum to be at matches/ events with him to support him.

JRB said...

So our new ‘Braveheart’ is missing another ceremony.
I wonder why ? ….

3:1 Fav. His mummy doesn’t like him being out late.
5:1 Kim doesn’t like him being out late.
10:1 He is staying at home to count his new found millions.
50:1 He can’t be ar**d
100:1 It’s Friday and he is off down the pub with his mates.

banned said...

Some years ago their was a small fracas in a local hotel to which the police were called. They showed no interest in the dispute between a local drinker and two Aer Lingus pilots until they learned that the drinker had used the phrase "Paddy bastards", the drinker was then immediatly arrested for "racially aggravated hate crime" (or somesuch).

So how come a betting shop is able to call itself Paddy Power? I don't think they would allow P*ki Power.

subrosa said...

Now now RM I sense a little sarcasm there? :)

subrosa said...

JRB he had good reason to miss the first ceremony I think, considering he was earning his pay on a US tennis court at the time.

subrosa said...

Isn't the owner of Paddy Power called Paddy banned? I've heard him called that when he does his slot on Talksport.

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