Thursday, 20 September 2012

Organised Retreat Of Defeated Armies

Helmand is the largest of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan.  It is the world's largest opium producing region and responsible for 75% of the world's total production.  The NATO war has not reduced the production and some reports state that it has increased in recent years.

Since the attack on Camp Bastion in the past few days the GOC of ISAF and representatives of NATO decided to restrict operations with small Afghan forces to mitigate the threat of insider attacks.  This means fewer boots on patrols and a shift in how the US-led coalition will now fight the war they are losing.

Earlier this year the US military stopped training about 1,000 members of the Afghan Local Police and US commanders have asked some troops to be 'guardian angels' who watch over their comrades in interactions with Afghan forces and even as they sleep.  US officials also recently ordered American troops to carry loaded weapons at all times, even when they are on their bases.

On Tuesday Philip Hammond, the defence secretary, attempted to clarify the UK's approach to supporting Afghan troops following General Allen's (commander of ISAF) decision and he insisted that no major strategic change had been made in policy towards Afghan allies.

He also insisted that future UK joint patrols and mentoring would continue. I watched a little of Hammond's performance on Sky's Parliament channel and it was a pathetic attempt at bluff and bluster which only emphasised his ignorance of the latest strategy.

I will not reiterate my thoughts again about this disastrous war but suggest you read this article in Global Research.  Like Iraq, it suggests the Afghan war has been fought on lies and deceptions and the planned withdrawal will be nothing more that an organised retreat of defeated armies.  As if we didn't know. History is repeating itself in this far off land once again.


RMcGeddon said...

It looks like Camp Bastion will follow the same scenario as Basra airport in Iraq. Somewhere to hunker down until they can get out of Dodge. After a suitable ceremony at 3am or something.
How many more of our troops must suffer before we hand power back to the taliban ?

JRB said...

“Organised retreat …” - this debacle can hardly be called “organised”, it is descending towards a ‘get out at all costs’ rout.

The military at the highest levels appear in total disarray.
We have Gen J R Allen ostensibly the commander of ISAF merely implementing American policy regardless of coalition opinion. Brig Gen Katz saying one thing whilst the Americans (and by definition the coalition) are doing another. And poor Gen Bonato of Italy, head of so called ‘Staff Stability’ running about like a headless chicken trying to paper over the cracks in the ISAF leadership.
… and all the while, front line troops continue to come home in body bags.

As for politicians they are in as much disarray as the military, as was so clearly demonstrated by Philip Hammond, who had so clearly been left out of the decision making process. But they continue to be ruled by their testosterone levels, insisting on maintaining a macho stance whilst supporting a corrupt Afghan government, despite ever growing public opposition.
… and all the while, front line troops continue to come home in body bags.

post script
As I type - news is coming through that the corrupt Karzai is purging Afghanistan of many of its state governors – out, go those pro-uk and the coallition; in, come those who are pro-Karzai

Demetrius said...

General Sir William Nott, where are you when we need you (see 1841-1842)? Apart from that there is the alleged £1 trillion worth of precious metals, ores and the like said to be still in the ground there. And the poppies do look very pretty when in full flower.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Memo to David - just get the troops home.

They will be needed to help control the riots in 2014.

Key bored warrior. said...

Karzais brother is the owner of Kandahar airport which as well as being leased to ISAF is being used to fly pallets loads of American aid dollars out of the country as soon as they get their hands on the stuff.

Another Vietnam looming.

subrosa said...

It certainly looks that way RM and with the UK being more or less ignored in decision making, that makes your scenario more possible.

subrosa said...

The title should have been 'Disorganised Retreat' JRB.

Thanks for your input. As always it is an account of much public thinking.

Yes I read that too yesterday. Strangely, when I typed the post, I did wonder why Karzai hadn't been hanging around the pillars of Westminster. Now I know the reason.

subrosa said...

Ah Major General Nott, a man who was sensible enough to ignore politicians when necessary Demetrius.

The minerals etc will be left for the Afghans when they finally decide to take control of their country.

subrosa said...

Crinkly, you're not the first to suggest there will be further riots in the near future.

subrosa said...

I understand the Karzai dynasty has money all over the world. Kind of similar to Gadaffi don't you think KBW? Most of it will never be traced.

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