Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Keeping The Lights On

The missing video is in the next post.

Edward Spalton kindly sent me the above video in which Roger Helmer launches UKIP's new energy policy at their national conference in Birmingham.

According to Edward Mr Helmer speaks a lot of sense.  I agree, even though the UKIP policy will not apply to Scotland as the Scottish Government has it's own energy policy.


microdave said...

I don't see any video, Rosie.

Brian said...


I take it the absence of the video is because it is wind-turbine or solar-powered.

JRB said...

Have assumed that relevant video is =

ps. Subrosa - I do like your new ‘profile pic’. A new member of the family? Have changed mine to my little friend in order to welcome your little friend.

Brian said...

Me two.

subrosa said...

Sorry microdave, technical error here. Have sorted it though and will publish it in the morning.

subrosa said...

You're very near the mark Brian!

subrosa said...

That's the one JRB! I'll post it in the morning. Don't know why Blogger wouldn't embed it.

Yes, I'm the human granny of the lovely dog. She always appears pensive and this photo captures that. I believe she's somewhat larger now as it was taken on a visit in March.

What a lovely doggie you have. Don't they make the world a better place?

Brian said...

By way of explanation for the photo, Jasmin is 11 now and is therefore entitled to power naps in between biscuits, apple cores and short walks. We have her for holidays three or four times a year. She's lovely and endearingly headbuts my knees when she wants a tickle along her back and a wrestle with her tugging toys. And at night she often mistakes her reflection in the pation window and barks in surprise. If only more politicians had dogs to enable them to see things from different perspectives the world would indeed be a better place.

subrosa said...

Ah, so you're the family dog sitter too Brian. It's lovely having them even for a short time. Mine is a long way away so I don't expect to see her more than once a year - unless I do the visiting. :)

You're right there Brian. I wonder how many do have dogs? That would be an interesting statistic.

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