Sunday, 16 September 2012

Bring Captain Wales Home

Yesterday the MoD announced the deaths of another three British soldiers in Afghanistan.

One soldier, from the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, was killed on Friday when the vehicle in which he was travelling struck an improvised explosive device in the Nahr-e Saraj of Helmand Province. The other two, from the 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, were shot dead by a man wearing a local police uniform and were killed at a checkpoint in the south of Nahr-e Saraj yesterday.

The news of their deaths was overshadowed by reports that the Taliban claimed responsibility for yesterday's attack on the sprawling Camp Bastion in which two US Marines were killed and several other troops injured.  NATO also lost 5 aircraft in the attack.

A spokesman for the Taliban said: "We attacked that base because Prince Harry was also on it and so they can know our anger [regarding an anti-Islamic film]".

Bastion is situated in a remote desert area north west of Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand.  It is the hub for all British operations in the province and along with Leatherneck houses thousands of combat troops and Marines, including Danish and Estonian forces.

I've long been against William or Harry serving on the front line because their presence puts the lives of others at high risk.  If Captain Wales wants to play with helicopters there are plenty stations where he could indulge his passion, but he should be brought out of Afghanistan now.  Some may say he wants to 'do his job' but his birthright doesn't permit him to be a normal member of HM Forces and his desire to be on the front line is selfish.  Now he should accept his decision is augmenting the dangers for his colleagues and others and he should return to the UK.

These three deaths bring the total of our troops who have been killed since this bloody war began to 430.


Michele said...

"If Captain Windsor wants to play with helicopters there are plenty stations where he could indulge his passion"

What a particularly nasty comment. Captain Windsor is a SERVING soldier, and if he didn't do front line service you'd be banging that he was 'playing at soldiers', what a miserable attitude to have.

I've had my life put in danger with politicians swanning around having their photo opportunity with every insurgent taking a bead, but no-one sneered at them so contemptuously.

Ask other soldiers how the feel about having Harry with them - you'd have a surprise, and then perhaps you should shut up about something you obviously know nothing, and I do mean nothing about. You have made me very angry.

Oldrightie said...

Michele obviously does not follow your post that accurately. You are right that he can only "play" since putting him in real danger, out in the desert, would put even more lives at risk.
Then we have that typical Minister buffoonery, now from Hammond. It matters little what happens when we quit, tails between legs. Afghanistan will fall to the Taliban overnight and our rout will be complete. Iraq will appear stable by comparison. Billions squandered, lives sacrificed to vanity and nothing but nothing changed except for the worst.

RMcGeddon said...

SR. The taliban are just using Harry as their latest excuse.
More worrying is the loss of 6 US Harrier aircraft at one of our most secure airfields. The Telegraph said the taliban were in US Army uniforms and split into 3 diversionary groups for their attack. Narrowing their attack inside a base the size of Reading makes it look like they had a lot of inside help and we're hopelessly compromised with traitors.

Nikostratos said...

well if Harry acts as bait to draw our the enemy and we kill them all.
Thats a good thing aint it?
you will always get casualties if Harry was there or not.

The Taliban make take against soldier smith and try to kill him
shall we bring him home,would they could they.

probably not

subrosa said...

It doesn't particularly concern me if you're angry or not Michele as I've no intention of discussing my military knowledge with you on this media.

You're remarks are all incorrect. Many times on this blog I've said the two serving royals are not 'normal' soldiers. How can they be when they're accompanied by security 24 hours a day? Do any other serving personnel receive this?

I have, several times, complained about unnecessary front line visits from politicians and VIPs and how they are not only seriously disruptive but could be putting our troops in avoidable danger.

Of course his squadron enjoy his company as he appears to attempt to be 'one of the lads' but, as I said in the post, his birthright denies him that privilege.

I sincerely believe that his presence in the front line is detrimental to other serving personnel. Why politicians thought it smart to publicise his arrival in Camp Bastion defeats me.

Your comments lead me to think that you've never experienced the presence of a serving senior royal in your midst. If you had your remarks would have been more considered.

subrosa said...

OR, I can't see the result being anything less than what you believe.

This whole war has been in vain. The loss of life in civilian and military areas has been horrendous and it will only go from bad to worse when we pull out.

Don't forget, we can't get the bulk of our equipment out so that will be left for the use of the new Afghan forces - if they manage to protect it.

subrosa said...

Oh indeed RM but why on earth he was permitted to be there in the first place - plus a welcoming photoshoot - is wrong.

I'd agree the loss of the Harriers is a blow and also the break of security at Bastion. In such a vast area with so many personnel of course the enemy will infiltrate. I understand 36 soldiers have now been lost in this war by infiltrators.

Brian said...


I agree that "nation-building" has been a collossal waste of lives and money in Afghanistan. I blame Colin Powell's stupid throwaway remark from another war "You broke it, you fix it." We should have gone in and got out. The Afghans are the best people to decide whether they want progress or to stay in the seventh century but with guns. Give them another few centuries on their own to realise that they themselves are the main cause of their poverty etc and then they will have the same chance as Enlightenment Scotland to light up the world with good ideas.
As for the British Army's heavy gear, I understand "our Pakistani allies" were bought off a few months ago by US bribes and apologies to settle the border post friendly-fire incident and allow the Khyber Pass route to reopen
Bring Harry home at the same time our troops and use them to protect our borders.

JRB said...

ALL our troops should be withdrawn immediately.

Their presence no longer serves any useful tactical or strategic purpose; all that will happen between now and their eventual withdrawal will be an ever increasing body count.

As for Captain Wales …
There may have been an argument that he should never have gone in the first place, but that is in the past.
He is now a serving officer in 662 squadron; a squadron with an outstanding military record obtained in some of the most difficult of military operations. 662 is a small but closely knit unit. They are, like so many other units, a family. The withdrawal of Captain Wales, a member of that family, for whatever reason, would not sit well nor be accepted by all who serve within 662.

Captain Wales should, and will, remain with his unit till ALL can come home together.

subrosa said...

I'm afraid you're missing the point Niko. Of course there will always be casualties but they could well be increased.

RMcGeddon said...

Dr Fox has been on Sky News today SR (FWIW) and he was saying that with so many Afghan's being trained up by us it was obvious that we would get traitors and it was just too bad. If that was the case then why wasn't the policy of keeping an armed guard on them at all times brought in sooner ? Families might be able to sue Mr Fox for putting their relatives in unnecessary danger.

subrosa said...

Can't agree more Brian. The only people who can make change for the good are the Afghanis themselves.

I understand the British powers that be have not, as yet, replanned their withdrawal concerning equipment and hardware. Perhaps they're waiting to see how successful the reopening actually is?

subrosa said...

Firstly, thank you for so diplomatically point out my error in Prince Harry's surname JRB. I have corrected it in the post.

Indeed, 622 squadron - like many others - has an excellent record and like most squadrons is a close knit unit I'm sure.

The opinion of 622 squadron would be that they wanted him there, but in such a war there are many others to consider. Not all personnel support the presence of a royal on the front line because, no matter how much they wish to be the same as others, they are not.

It's most unfortunate his deployment was so highly publicised. I cannot understand why it was allowed to be handled in such a manner.

There are occasions of course when royals are most welcome throughout the military - particularly when crumbling barracks and quarters are given a face lift because of a royal visit.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

I have no problem with our armed forces 'playing' or practising in order to hone their skills and capabilities.

After all's said and done they are our first line of defence and we expect them to lay their lives on the line when legitimate duty requires.

But quasi imperialistic 'wars' for the benefit of political ego's and global conglomerate profit serve no legitimate purpose or outcome while making a mockery of the aggressor state having any claim to its sovereignty being regarded as a democracy.

There is no glory in institutionalised killing it's merely slaughter by decree.

Edward Spalton said...

Muslim and other terrorists have learned to play the media like a Stradivarius - and the media are willing to be played, the BBC at public expense. To a large extent "the Medium is the Message". They create news rather than reporting it.

If you look at the note on the left hand side of the page on on Qanagate and the corrupution of the media, you will see how it is done. I first noticed this in Yugoslavia.

I have little doubt that Captain Windsor was told much the same as the Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII) was told in 1914 - "I don't mind you getting killed but I can't have you taken prisoner".

The excessive headline publicity is proof of the editorial willingness of the media to dance to the Taliban's tune.

cynicalHighlander said...

Muslim and other terrorists

Like Christians, Zionists and others are terrorists so why pick on Muslims.

Christians and other faiths have just killed 8 innocent Afghan women going to collect firewood is that not terrorism in frightening the civilian public or do white westerners have the moral high ground over who gets labelled.

subrosa said...

There is no glory Crinkly. Only gore.

subrosa said...

I can't understand why his appearance was made so public Edward.

Next the media will be broadcasting the actions of our special forces.

Who is responsible for this? I can't get an answer anywhere.

strapworld said...

Well said Subrosa,

I never thought I would ever agree with Denis McShane MP, but yesterday when he called for all our troops to be brought back immediately from this futile and unwinnable war, he certainly spoke for me and my family.

Then we had the ridiculous statement from Hammond and a blonde conservative female MP (reading from a prepared question) to the effect that it would be an insult to all those that have given their lives for our Country that we should bring home the troops now.....can anyone understand this nonsense?

Edward Spalton said...


It pains me to agree with Denis MacShane too - one of the few europhiles to have a good grasp of languages - normally having problems with the truth in any of them - though not on this occasion!

Incidentally, he was suspended from the Labour party for claiming (I think) £25,000 per year in expenses for the use of his garage as an office. Does anyone know whether he is still on the naughty step?

subrosa said...

I didn't see Denis McShane's statement yesterday strapworld, but isn't he rather late catching the bus? Pity he didn't speak out years ago.

subrosa said...

I'm not sure Edward but a wee birdie told me he now lets out his garage to a small local branch of a 'charity'. :)

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