Thursday, 30 August 2012

Wi-fi On The High Street

At last one of Britain's top retailers has decided to offer free wi-fi in all its stores.

Some may wonder at my subdued excitement at this announcement, but only very recently I realised how inconvenient it is when wi-fi isn't available if you don't have an expensive mobile contract.

My washing machine decided the time had come for it to go to the spare parts department and I was in urgent need of a replacement.  However, living where I do, delivery from most of the major online retailers is only once a week and, with a little luck, twice.

After browsing the internet I decided to visit Comet and Currys in Perth to see if they had one of the machines recommended on online reviews.  The problem of course is that no store stocks the same model number of any white goods and therefore personal reviews can be of little use.

In Comet I did see one machine I rather liked and I tried, using my mobile, to see what online reviewers said about it, but Comet doesn't have accessible wi-fi. I'm sure many of us are more cautious in parting with our hard earned cash and checking what others think of an item can make the difference between a sale or no sale.

So congratulations to M & S for being brave enough to allow their shoppers to go online while in their stores  Not only will their customers be able to check reviews on the M & S website, the decision can only improve the customer/retailer relationship.

My washing machine was installed the next morning.  Was it delivered by Comet or Currys?  No. I discovered a small local shop had a perfectly  good machine in stock and it was delivered and fitted next morning.  The old one was also removed.  The complete service was included in the price and the price was only £20 more than a similar model in Comet who charge £25 delivery and a £15 fitting fee.


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