Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Unhappy 'No' Campaigners

It appears the Yes campaigners, in particular Willie Rennie of the Libdems, aren't too happy with Martin Sime, the chief executive of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations. Mr Sime dated to read an email from the Scottish Government, in which mention was made of a second referendum question.

Recently it was reported that the SCVO, which is campaigning for greater devolution, said a poll it had organised found 56% of voters wanted a second question on more 
powers at the referendum. The No campaign won't discuss the possibility of having a second question as they don't want all opinions to be considered - only their own for the status quo.

SCVO Chief Exec Martin Sime should go. He sought to undermine Better Together launch + now has been caught plotting with SNP adviser.
 Salmond has been secretly encouraging the "Devo Max" campaign using pawns like Sime & McLeish because he fears Indy will lose


JRB said...

Yesterday I visited friends who live in the nearby village. Their house stands adjacent to what passes as the local playing field.

What has this to do with Subrosa’s post, you ask – just bear with me.

In the field were a number of young lads intent on playing a game of football, and a couple of them were trying to pick the sides. One young lad took great umbrage that he had not been picked by one to play for that side …
You’re a dirty rotter
No – you’re the dirty rotter
No – you’re a great big dirty rotter
No – you’re a greater bigger dirty rotter

Now do you see where this is going?

What the kids hadn’t realised was that the longer they spent calling each other names (greatly sanitised for sensitive readers) the less time they had to actually play football.

And so it is with our current referendum campaigners.
They more time they spend calling each other names and crying foul, the less time there is to actually discuss the really important issues.
We, the voters, will simply become bored of their puerile name-calling and wish to have nothing to do with them, their politics and their infantile behaviour.

Hamish said...

If there are three options deemed worthy of being put to the people, there should be one multi-choice question. Having two binary questions entails four possible answers.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

JRB has hit the nail -the question then is, is this the only strategy the better together camp can formulate?

Seems to me the only options they are offering is we're damned if we do and doomed if we don't take them up on it. (whatever the 'it' is?)

strapworld said...

As the United Kingdom is under threat by a minority I believe a IN/OUT vote should be given to all English, Welsh, Northern Irish and, of course, the Scots.

But if it just given to the Scots alone I fear you will get a resounding NO vote. The NO campaign has not brought out the big guns yet.

Sandy said...

Ahh the poor old UK under threat from a minority eh ?

I can only suggest if the UK had looked after said minority , they might be less inclined to seek independence.

Sadly that particular horse bolted generations ago and has not been seen or heard of since.

Allan said...

This seems to be the narative emerging, running from Iain Davidson's awful interview on Newsnicht last week through to Brown's speech the other day via a joint letter that appeared inour local newspaper the other day (co-signed by the two local MP's "Wee Dougie" Alexander and Jim Sheridan as well as the local council Leader and the two local Labour (list) MSP's) calling for cross party support on the way forward - that way being a one question referendum (one wonders what the response to my response will be...). The narritive seems to be that any support for Fiscal Autonimp or Devo Max is just playing into the Nationalists hands.

Now whether this is the case or not (and by the way, both campaigns do not have their issues to seek - though the Yes camp have I think bigger problems), it is surely incumbent on people standing up for their beliefs and not being bullied by any side.

Hamish said...

Strapworld, I recommend you read the United Nations Charter.
The right to self-determination is not conditional on the approval of other nations.

subrosa said...

Splendid JRB. But of course these are the tactics of the No campaigners. All talk and no action.

Excellent analogy.

subrosa said...

I'd agree with that Hamish.

subrosa said...

You may well have a point strapworld.So many outside Scotland feel we're a liability.

subrosa said...

The horse has bolted Sandy, but it depends on how loud the neigh is I suppose.

subrosa said...

Oh I didn't know about that letter, but then I don't live near Paisley Allan.

I agree the Yes campaign have bigger problems but that's the name of the game when big change is involved and the big hitters are the majority.

subrosa said...

Exactly Crinkly.

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