Saturday, 14 July 2012

Take Your Pick

Our grandchildren may be United in a Kingdom of Austerity

Protect Our National Heroes

Circumcision Ruling in Germany - the Fallout

Is YES going off the rails?

10 reasons why Trump's golf course will fail

The Lie Of 'Unaffordability'

Martial Law Britain


Brian said...

Thanks for the link. I might add that I have also been inspired by tales of Scottish heroes - I remember the Ladybird book about Robert the Bruce very fondly. It taught me at the age of five to try and try again. I expect trendy revisionist historians claim that The Bruce wasn't actually a decent chap tolerant of arachnids in domestic surroundings but that tale encapsulates his long struggle.

subrosa said...

Brian, my granny had a full set of children's encyclopedias and I used to thoroughly enjoy reading about heroes from anywhere. Happy memories.

Brian said...

Was the children's encyclopedia by Arthur Mee? I used to delve in to ours find out about one topic then either read the next article or surf off to a related article in another volume. I'd read every volume by the time I'd left infant school. Such joy.

subrosa said...

I think they were Brian. In fact they're up in the attic but I'm not going there to find out. :)

If I remember my grandmother bought them for my mother and the salesman came round the doors every week to collect the payments.

Wonderful books right enough and I found the science (chemistry) articles fascinating. Some of the illustrations were so magnificent I could gaze at them for ages. There was one of an angel I remember...

Right enough, such joy.

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