Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Meet The Team

A guest post by Edward Spalton.

Where the money goes. 

I nearly fell off my chair laughing when I read that one of these (doubtless highly salaried) do-gooders was called Lucy Windmill!  She should surely be in the climate change scam!

At the same time as cutting thousands of sailors, soldiers, and airmen from our defences, the government is recruiting and training a team of FIVE THOUSAND paid agents and activists to implement this programme.

The way to empower people is to get government off their backs.  Apart from undoubted matters of public good, like defence  or law and order,  The state is almost always the problem not the solution.

This project is downright sinister, highly reminiscent of the Nazi "Volksgemeinschaft"  (People's Community) . That was an official Big Society programme, designed to ensure that people felt they were "all in this together".


Dioclese said...

Absolute crap. Total nonsense. Complete waste of money.

And a web site clearly put together by someone with marketing hype diahorrea

JRB said...

Never in the field of the common man has so much crap been dumped on so many by so few.
(Apologies to W S Churchill)

Delighted to see that this Big Society Network has Aladin on board.
Let’s just hope he makes the right choices when he rubs his little lamp.

Apogee said...

Having looked at the link I assume the idea is to provide employment
for those who know (someone).
Looking at the apparent age from the supplied photographs, and the list of work experience claimed, well, I wonder how comprehensive the experience in these CV's really is?
What is it these five thousand plus, its always plus,are supposed to do,in my opinion the military being paid off would be much more useful to the country.
Have a look at .If it is an accurate comparison, it is worrying,looking at other things in this country and in the EU,where are we being pushed?

Brian said...

Great post.

"So you mean," said a local politician, "I could get the voluntary sector to deliver services to the community, avoid accusations of privatisation, withdraw the contract whenever I change policies, and not have to pay huge pension costs. I think we should have a voluntary sector in France." [snip]

"Because if the voluntary sector becomes a cheaper long arm of government, it will cease to be the voluntary sector. Or the charitable sector, or the community sector, or the not-for-profit sector or social enterprise."

Surprisingly those quotes were from a blog post by Julia Middleton of Common Purpose.
whom I thought would have leapt at the chance to infiltrate tax-funded Blockwarts into British society.

These facilitators are there to ensure that the government doesn't lose control over policies when it hands back responsibilities. Who'll take the credit for success or the blame if things go wrong?
Reminds me of Stanley Baldwin's quote about "power without responsibility — the prerogative of the harlot through the age."

Joe Public said...

The first part of their headline on their "About us" page is..................

"Social energy is the positive energy that comes from spending.........."

A prime example of management by protons.

Sheila said...

Here's the latest from Big Society adviser Lord Wei:

Well for everyone actually...

"The report, supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, suggests similar “national service” programmes could help those who are just beginning working life, as well as couples who are becoming parents for the first time."

Here's the full report:

Edward Spalton said...

Thanks for the comments.

I find it ominous that officialdom now refers to charities as "The Third Sector" (i.e. not government, not business but something different).
There are charities which do a very good job, others which are downright fakes (being established by government in one way or another) and others which are something different again because they draw a large part of their revenues from the taxpayer - either via the EU or government. They are, to a greater or lesser extent, part of the para-state.

Some are large businesses in their own right, parasitising on government/EU policies. The deal appears to be "You tell the public what we want them to hear and we'll give you lots of other people's money". This is particularly noticeable in the field of climate change/global warming etc.

There was a huge change in charity law under New Labour and they are now less circumscribed from political activities than before. With referendums in the air, I find it ominous that the former chairman of the Electoral Commission is now the Chief Executive of the Charities Commission which itself is chaired by a very PC, right-on sort of lady. (So is the Electoral Commission now!)

This is the sort of world - of great political influence (and very generous pay and perks) but entirely unelected - from which Catherine Ashton was promoted to glory as our "High Representative" - outranking Wee Willie Hague by miles in the conduct of much of foreign policy which has been outsourced to the EU.

subrosa said...

Sheila, thanks for that link. I'm in the process of writing about the man's remarks.

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