Monday, 30 July 2012

Is Scottish Labour Finally Wakening Up?

Tucked away on the economistjobs website is an advertisement entitled 'Head of Scotland Analysis and Stakeholder Engagement, HM Treasury, Edinburgh, Scotland'.

It seems London wants to open a branch of the Treasury in Edinburgh and needs an economist.  Strangely it is a fixed-term appointment only to December 2014.  The successful applicant will be responsible to Westminster ministers including the Secretary of State for Scotland.

I've yet to understand why this type of work can't be undertaken from London.  After all, juggling statistics to meet specific demands can be done from a desk anywhere, but perhaps the Treasury has someone in mind who deserves a break from the Westminster bubble.

This 'job for the girls or boys' apart, it was interesting to note the appearance of the Labour for Independence website last week.  At last someone within the red rose party has acknowledged the existence of Labour voters who support Scottish independence.

A few years ago when I did a wee bit canvassing in the Glasgow area, I came across quite a few Labour voters who sympathised with the SNP's desire for independence but felt a strong loyalty to Labour.  Allan Grogan's efforts to create a platform for like-minded colleagues is a welcome step forward in the independence debate.

However, whether he gains the attention and support of Johann Lamont and other senior party members is another matter.  I do hope he does, but fear they will shun his attempt to open a door for Labour-voting independence supporters, because it's common knowledge Scottish Labour is managed from London.

Good to see someone in Labour has wakened up to the opportunity of taking part in the debate and refusing to stick his head in the sand.  Good luck to him.


Nikostratos said...

yes we Labour supporters welcome the advice from an extremist biased Labour hating follower of the snp and will act in the appropriate manner...........

Dubbieside said...


As usual you totally miss the point. Alan Grogan is as I understand it, a Labour party member who supports independence.

Just think, a Labour party member who does not want to be ruled by London, who wants decisions about Scotland made in Scotland.

A Labour party member who does not want to join with Ali, auntie and Charlie in bitter together to campaign to keep David Cameron Prime Minister.

A Labour party member who thinks that Scotland is not North Britain, whatever next?

subrosa said...

Oh dear Niko, your dislike of anyone who isn't a Labour supporter is palpable.

You should be pleased someone decided to join the debate rather than ignore it.

subrosa said...

Well said Dubbie.

wisnaeme said...

Der UKeranians will be against that sort of thing, thats for sure. There will be repercussions after the people's partei aparachnics have, behind closed doors indulged in a tirade of outraged vindictiveness against folk who dare to express thoughts contrary to the partei line as diktated by the Westmidden comintern. perhaps Nikos can organise a burning of deviant thoughts event.

Apogee said...

I think the Treasury would find it very useful to have a spy on the ground in Scotland before the referendum,and so would the Lib/con coagulation.
The labour party has to be very careful not to end up with a split party in Scotland, could make a lot of labour voters think about why they vote labour. And if Scotland gets independence, labour could have a chance of running a country, not a county. Food for thought.
Remember how many bought their council houses against the party wishes. There is a wish among the voters to own their own home, they may also wish to "own" their own country.

subrosa said...

Aye, I've a little sympathy with Mr Grogan wisnaeme. I can hear the 'how dare he?' comments rattling round Labour meeting rooms.

subrosa said...

Oh I'm sure they will Apogee and that's why this is happening.

Labour should waken up. They're missing the biggest trick since 1979.

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