Monday, 11 June 2012

Scottish Independence For Americans

The FM being interviewed by a Scottish export who seems to have made a name for himself in a part of the world called the US.

Lovely setting though. Such a pity the town had problems with its last pageant in 2005.  I saw it in 2000 and it was exceptional.


JRB said...

A nice wee cosy chat.

Just a pity the ‘Yes’ campaign is coming apart at the seams.
First it was Patrick Harvie, now it’s Margo Macdonald.

It would appear, that for some of us, we are not alone after all when we express our fears and concerns that this campaign is too heavily aligned to a single political party and its political ambitions.

RMcGeddon said...

Yes JRB it's a surreal video.
The FM prefers "elected instead of appointed people" yet supports the corrupt unelected elite in Brussels to run Scotland post independence. Totally bizarre.
But we always forget that the FM is just another politician so probably not so strange.
Whatever happens with the referendum he'll always be on £100k plus exes.
And he'll always claim his exes as is his right. ( see £400 a month for food at Westminster ).

subrosa said...

It is a pity right enough JRB. Wonder how much thought was put into the Yes campaign launch. Even less than I think perhaps.

subrosa said...

I thought that strange too RM but it's good to see how we're promoted over the pond.

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