Thursday, 7 June 2012

Question Time Live Interactive Blog - All Welcome


Nikostratos said...

Kenneth Gibson said: "It is inevitable that independence will be discussed on this week's Question Time, and it would be in the best interests of a fair and measured debate if the BBC invited equal numbers of panellists from both the Yes and No campaigns.

Err! given all the (reputable non snp )evidence as to the Scottish peoples preference to stay within the united kingdom the make up would need to be 70% to 30% against the seperationists.
so whats the problem ken?

Is he suggesting the seperationists should be allowed to rig the panel in their favor against all the evidence.Not very Democratic but a very Nationalistic undemocratic way of carrying on.

Let alone this being a run of the mill Question time and not just about the snp separating the Scots from their fellow citsens.

Perhaps the recent run of banana slips the snp have made has Ken panicking and so he attempts to browbeat the BBC.

subrosa said...

Niko, it's said there are 33% for, 33% against and 34% undecided. The balance should reflect that.

Browbeat the BBC? Jeez, we get nothing in Scotland. We've had days of London and due to get weeks of it soon.

Michele said...

If it upsets you so much SR switch off the damn TV - God forbid that 80% of the island's population is allowed to watch something in peace and bleeding quiet for once.

subrosa said...

Oh Michele, did I give the impression it upsets me? It certainly doesn't although I find most of the panels are tedious and boring.

Jo G said...

Enjoyed the chatathon Rosie. It was a great idea.

subrosa said...

Thanks Jo. I've hooked up with All Seeing Eye a few times but folk aren't interested in QT from England.

It's so much better than Twitter where you're confined to 140 characters and hope folk use the same hashtag.

Enjoyed your company. :)

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