Friday, 15 June 2012

Are We A Stasi State?

How often do we hear the words 'for our safety and security' dripping from the lips of our political representatives?

The UK is at war in Afghanistan under the pretext and now the British Home Secretary wants police to have access to our phone calls, texts and emails without the 'pressure' of applying for a court warrant.  The justification is that only by having access to our confidential communications can the police and security services keep us safe from criminals and terrorists. The legislation will apply throughout the UK.

As usual those who approve believe in the 'nothing to hide, nothing to fear' adage. Teresa May's almost criminal disregard for our hard won freedoms is extraordinary.

To sweeten the pill Ms May proposes to remove the rights of local councils and other agencies to spy on our emails, phone calls and internet browsing.

When the coalition government came into power Cameron and Clegg vowed to rescind legislation which affected our civil liberties and the power for local government officials to enter our homes and spy on our activities was high on the agenda. It's only now being removed in order to sugar the pill of having greater intrusion into our personal privacy.

On yesterday's BBC Daily Politics programme (at 33 minutes) David Davis put forward a strong and sensible case against this new proposal. I would like to think the majority of MPs agreed with him, but somehow I feel they will pander to Ms May's obsession with acquiring and storing our private information.

After doing a little research in order to write this post, the answer is we already are a Stasi state. Eight years ago the then information commissioner, Richard Thomas, warned that we could be sleepwalking into an East German-style surveillance society. The sleepwalking has ceased because the objective has been reached.

Argyll and Bute council certainly has earned the title this week.


Joe Public said...

Prior to becoming PM, Cameron stated…“If we want to stop the state controlling us, we must confront this surveillance state.”

As for Argyll and Bute Council, if they've nothing to hide, why should they fear photos of their school meals.

Politicians ≡ Hypocrites

JRB said...

Are we a Stasi State?

YES!!! YES!!! and again YES!!!

Those who impose such legislation would hide behind the excuse of ‘safety and security’ and of ‘defending freedom and democracy’ or whatever hyperbole they care to come up with.

But in so doing they have almost completely eroded the very freedoms and democracy that they would wish to defend.

In truth, our politicians solely wish control; for control equates (in their minds) to power.

Key bored warrior. said...

When I see the likes of the bloated Eric Pickles patronising on TV, and hear about the number of bars and subsidised drink and food available to MPs in Westminster, I feel really angry.

If it is right to allow these greedy self serving hogs to get fat and flabby on our money then I would much rather they banned all subsidies for politicians and pass on the saving to schools for lunches and free milk and fruit.

Holyrood is as almost as bad. They have just announced a new restaurant. I heard a few years ago from a guy who worked at the City Chambers in Glasgow. He described how councillors in the weeks before Christmas were allowed to park their cars behind the chambers and go in to town to do their shopping coming back to a slap up all day banquet of food and drinks to them and their families. I am sure it still goes on.

Recently we heard of the shocking wasted food thrown out every day in Westminster as they insist of having hot meals available all day long, a lot is not consumed as they crowd in to the bars to get their subsidised booze.

Councils across the land will all have some method of getting freebie food and drink in to the greedy gobs of their officials whilst the school kids are fed garbage like this. And don't get me started on hospital food.

Key bored warrior. said...

Sorry my last rant was off topic it was triggered by your link to the Stasi of Argyll and Bute. They are a damned disgrace. I hope their is an uprising against them.

Anonymous said...


"The UK is at war in Afghanistan under the pretext and now the British Home Secretary wants police to have access to our phone calls, texts and emails without the 'pressure' of applying for a court warrant..."

The UK 'illegally invaded' a land who posed us no threat (and the USA for that matter) whatsoever. The UK went into Afghanistan in order to control the opium and had a base for a future strike on Iran. It's despicable.

The laughable thing is that they have created the terrorism, that is, 9/11 and 7/7 were acts committed upon the American and British people by the American, British and Israeli governments.
2001 was the year they would bring in the change to bring about a new world order. They could not do this unless there was an enemy with which to unite all people in the west behind. Therefore, in came their attack on Islam and the Muslims.

If there are terrorists in the UK, which there aren't, then they should deport them to their own lands. These terrorists would most certainly be Muslims, seeing as we're invading their homelands, which in effect makes them freedom fighters, no different to how the Scots under the tyranny of the crown in the past. However they won't deport them because in doing so doesn't give them any 'terrorist threat' does it? So it's the classic case of problem - reaction - solution.

The biggest threat to our freedom and liberty is not some Afghan tribesman or Imam preaching against the demolition of Islamic lands by the western nations. It is instead the very people who sit in our (and are the heads of) government and corporation (banking, Oil, pharma, telecommunications, weapons industry etc) planning on what country to invade next in order to obliterate their culture, plunder their lands of their natural resources, murder the inhabitants (by branding them as terrorists and a danger to our freedoms..etc) and the biggie - bring them under control of banks, through control by debt, by imposing 'demonocracy' upon them and letting them, like the rest, partake in the Hegelian dialectic like us.

It's a sham. Government and the state are a sham. Remove them forthwith. Anarchy in the UK. No control over any other human being by any human being.



subrosa said...

Indeed Joe. Oh Argyll and Bute have taken down their website for 'maintenance'.

subrosa said...

It's also about this determination to build databases which would give total control JRB. All part of social engineering.

subrosa said...

They're all as bad as each other I'm sure KBW. Thanks for the info about another restaurant in Holyrood. What a disgrace.

I won't get you started on hospital food except to say the very fact that a patient has to be on a special diet to get any form of hot breakfast in this area makes me angry.

subrosa said...

Rant as much as you like KBW.

subrosa said...

I have to agree with all your points Harbinger. Many thanks for taking the trouble to spell them out so well.

RMcGeddon said...

Ms May looks a bit haggard these days. Maybe it's the stress of having to do so many u turns and breaking so many promises.
Data retention and security is an EU competence so she will just be carrying out her orders.
I suspect the real baddies long since left the scene and avoid any electronic footprint or else they will piggy back onto one of the millions of unsecured computers available.
The rest of the data will be a handy file on each of us that will follow us to our graves.
Hundreds of thousands will have access to it so it will leak like a sieve. Similar to medical files etc.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

You have to have a State for a Stasi system to be effective - we have just a shambles of freeloaders.

William said...

You agree with all the points, SR?

So you agree that '9/11 and 7/7 were acts committed upon the American and British people by the American, British and Israeli governments'?

This is your viewpoint?

Anonymous said...

When they are in opposition they think that state control is a bad thing. When they are in government they seem to change their tune.

Odd ain't it.

If there is nothing to fear is there is nothing to hide, I expect that they will be rescinding the ban on our knowing how many times, and about what, the duke of Rothsay sends for ministers from London and Edinburgh to attend upon him for things that he wants done.

Why not?

Brian said...

It's a government conspiracy to ensure that someone knows what's going on if Samantha Cameron hasn't noted it in her diary.

Key bored warrior. said...

I see the Argyll and Bute commissars have reversed their stupid decision, what a pity the buggers made in in the first place. Officials on councils and health boards think they are the important people, when the people have just shown them how despised they all are. People power I love it. Well done Rosie!

Joe Public said...

The really scandalous aspect is that the lass 'was pulled out of her maths class by her headteacher' to be cautioned & stigmatised about the photo-taking & Blog-Posting.

Was the matter of such crucial importance that it couldn't wait 1/2hr or so until a lesson ended, or better still, until the end of the day?

That headteacher displayed an horrendous lack of judgement.

Anonymous said...


"So you agree that '9/11 and 7/7 were acts committed upon the American and British people by the American, British and Israeli governments'?"

I hope you take offence (unlike the normal "No offence") simply because the truth is offensive to people who happily accept the lies they've been fed from the MSM and educational establishments.
You'd really have to be devoid of any critical thought to believe that 9/11 & 7/7 were done by Moooooslims. Why do I say that? Simply because the mountains of evidence that overwhelmingly prove the official story of what happened is nothing but a pack of lies is staggering. Only people, conditioned on how to think by the state would accept the ridiculous notion that Islam was responsible for 9/11 & 7/7.

And apart from the documentation out there, compiled by thousands of individuals (many well educated prefessionals), proving that whom I said were responsible were, the following video, of four Mossad operatives, speaking about "our purpose was to document the event..." (at 6:34) is simply staggering:

and on 7/7 Watch '7/7 Ripple Effect':

It's entirely up to you what you believe, but please and I urge this strongly, don't get involved in debates with others when your knowledge on the truth is non existent.

The reasons behind 9/11 & 7/7 were:

1. To bring about the creation of a one world government, banking system, one world people and culture (obliteration of all the races and cultures), one world religion and power over all by wealthy corporation oligarchs.

2. To take the west into a long drawn out war against Islam which would last for most of the 21st century, make the bankers, arms manufacturers, weapon dealers, oil companies, petro-chemical industries, telecommunication companies and MSM incredibly wealthy.

3. The utter destruction of Islamic culture, that last main culture in this world, not under the control of the banks, enforcing their control through debt (usury)

4. The creation of a totalitarian, total control network system over world society, that would know the whereabouts of every human being on this planet, have their DNA, obliterate all liberty whatsoever and any opposition against 'the system'.

5. To bring about the massive depopulation of the world to under 500 million people, through constant warfare, control of the food supply, deadly vaccinations and attack on the human's species natural ability to reproduce and create family.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX The sleepwalking has ceased because the objective has been reached. XX

My Verein consists more or less totaly (I, being the only exception), of Ossis. 70% of them ex NVA. The rest Stasi. One of whom was an Oberstleutnant. (The Verein is 150 to 200 people strong)

I have kept them up to date on what is happening in the U.K, re "security/surveillance".

Congratulations U.K!

You have the REAL Stasi seal of approval! EVERY one of them is of the opinion that they only wish their back teeth, eyes and arms, that THEY had had such a system, and such all encompasing laws.

Read that again "The STASI (and we are talking the real thing here. NOT some cocky watchman, who gets called "STASI" because he puts a ticket on your car) think your laws regarding surviellance and "Security" are BETTER, than those of the DDR!

Anon said...

David Davis would be better than David Cameron as leader of the Conservative party.

9 11 and 7 7 and the Norway attacks were inside-jobs, which tells us something about our governments.

- Aangirfan

Edward Spalton said...

It is welcome news that the powers of local councils under RIPA to know who your are phoning and emailing are to be removed.

Back in the mid Eighties the council tried to frame my business on environmental charges. (The area around us was coming "ripe for development" and a Councillor worked for the property company which held much of the land)

If they had then had the power to know which technical firms and witnesses I was consulting, they could easily have got the upper hand without our knowing how. Fortunately RIPA didn't exist then.

Another thing occurs to me . Now that councils operate "cabinet government", different departments with different functions can swap information. So, if I were being persecuted by the council (as above) and had applied for an educational grant for my children (disclosing my income), they would know just how much expense they had to pile on me to make me chuck my hand in.

William said...

To be fair, harbinger4471, I was more interested in knowing whether SR agreed with your crank views rather than reading more of your anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Refuting such outlandish, extravagant claims is too time-consuming for rational people which is partly why such theories remain in circulation. There are people who refuse to believe in the Apollo moon landings or are members of the Flat Earth Society and no amount of scientific evidence is going to convince them otherwise. I was simply interested to know whether SR fell into this category.

Apogee said...

So a lot of you are beginning to wonder who is watching the watchers?
Can you trust or believe your rulers?Do they trust each other?
Do we trust them?
Do we think they are competent rulers?
Who is to blame for voting these parasites into power?

Any one have an answer ?

RMcGeddon said...

To be fair I think conspiracy theories will go on until we get a proper inquiry into 9/11 and 7/7 and Lockerbie and Dunblane et al.
The 'facts' that we have been told about 9/11 for instance don't match the reality.
The aircraft that hit the towers were recorded as travelling at a speed that would have seen them come apart in mid air ( 0.9mach equivalent at that altitude). The Egypt Air crash in 1999 where the pilot decided to kill himself and his passengers and crew went into a dive and broke up at a lower speed and was of the same type. A Boeing 767.
And building 7 which wasn't hit, and also fell at freefall speed ( like a stone dropped from a height) was never investigated. Pilots with decades of flying experience in large airliners have failed to fly the recorded flight patterns of the hijackers during simulated tests. Hijackers who failed to pass a trial flight for a small Cessna a few weeks earlier.
And like with 7/7 there was an identical exercise going on at the same time with the same scenario. The odds of this happening are in the billions to one.
The errors in the reports of 9/11 and 7/7 have filled many books and reports yet if anyone questions why nothing is done about the errors they are labelled as loons and ignored. The errors may be genuine mistakes but until there is open and honest reporting, rather than blanket denials , then we'll never know for sure. And the arguments will go on.

subrosa said...

RM, some years ago I had experience of the MoD's staff database system. They hadn't informed the next of kin of a veteran that he had died (he was no longer in touch with his family). When asked why they hadn't notified them as requested, the answer was they had 2 files on the same person.

subrosa said...

It's a shambles which benefits man bank accounts Crinkly.

subrosa said...

Oops William, no I don't agree with Harbinger about that point. I haven't yet made up my mind about that and doubt if I ever will. There's certainly more to it than we've ever been told.

My apologies. I scanned his comment too quickly then was interrupted before I replied.

subrosa said...

Rescinding bans Tris? How we wish. Principles change with politicians - too easily.

subrosa said...

That was a strange one Brian and I was surprised Leveson accepted it. Shows how superficial the whole enquiry has become - and expensive.

subrosa said...

It's great news about the wee lass KBW. Let's hope all councils see just how quickly such behaviour can be seen worldwide.

subrosa said...

All local authority staff showed terrible judgement Joe. Thankfully the story has shown just what poor leaders these people are. Job- worths right enough.

subrosa said...

He would indeed Aangirfan and some tories around here agree too.

subrosa said...

Your last paragraph makes a good point Edward. I'm sure that type of behaviour happens in many areas of council life.

subrosa said...

Auch Apogee, the answer is mainly no of course but who is to blame is a difficult one.

Jo G said...

"So you agree that '9/11 and 7/7 were acts committed upon the American and British people by the American, British and Israeli governments'?"

I would not put it quite like that but I would say, absolutely, that those acts came about as a direct result of the deliberate meddling of US and UK governments, through their pro-Israel position, in the Middle East. The US is hated for it and so is the UK. The failure of both the US and the UK to ensure balance and fairness in Middle East policy is the single reason why we are in the mess we are in today.

But it always gives me a chuckle to see the usual suspects play the "anti-Semitism" card when these things are pointed out.

subrosa said...

I wouldn't put it that way either Jo but I'm ruling nothing in or out as yet. Time may bring us a little nearer the truth.

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