Thursday, 24 May 2012

"Yes Scotland"

In response to yesterday's post, @tartangladbach sent the above graphic via Twitter.

My thought was that the mysterious source's workbase was No 10 although I could be wrong.

Tomorrow the 'Yes to independence' campaign will be launched.  The SNP are anxious to ensure "Yes Scotland" is more than the SNP and involves others who believe independence is the country's future. As I said in an earlier post the timing of the campaign is wrong. We have just had the local council elections and people have had enough politics for the time being.  Why launch a campaign when the majority of folk are thinking of summer holidays?

It appears a few of the official party-goers aren't too happy with the campaign's direction.  Patrick Harvie thinks the efforts to woo centre-ground voters could alienate many on the left, while the leader of the SSP Colin Fox, insists an independent Scotland should be a republic.

An event which should be upbeat and showcasing Scotland at its best may turn out to be a bit of a damp squib, however if the forecast proves correct, the sunshine could be what makes it an occasion to remember.



JRB said...

Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings – and a charming blogger named Subrosa – comes an unarguable truth -
… people have had enough politics for the time being.

Barbarian of the North said...

Have you seen the campaign video on the SNP site? And I thought the local election ppb was bad. This is even worse!

Patronising claptrap with the world's worst tune.

Rant over!

Clarsach99 said...

Who's that in the photie? Sorry, but I'm living in Borisland at the mo, where politicians are a bit more recognisable..

subrosa said...

But they have JRB. I have yet to meet anyone with the slightest interest in tomorrow.

subrosa said...

No I haven't Barbarian but I'll go and look right now.

subrosa said...

That's Michael Moore the Scotland secretary at Westminster Clarsach. Sorry I should have said.

subrosa said...

Oh dear Barbarian, I echo your comments. Aren't these bulbs banned here now? Thought it was all low energy.

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