Monday, 28 May 2012

The War Rages On

I always feel terribly sad when posting the picture of a member of the armed forces who has been killed in the line of duty, because I know the photograph was picked by the soldier prior to deployment.

Above is Captain Stephen Healey, 29, from the 1st Battalion, The Royal Welsh, who was killed on Saturday when the vehicle in which he was travelling was blown up by a bomb in Afghanistan.  He was originally from Cardiff and was commanding the Combined Force Burma reconnaissance platoon.

Capt Healey's death brings the number of British Service personnel killed in Afghanistan to 415.

No words can express my anger at this continual, unnecessary loss of life.


Conan the Librarian™ said...

Different War.

Or is it?

Joe Public said...

Another sad loss by one of our Service Personnel who has suffered the ultimate sacrifice.

And the number of British MPs who voted for the un-winnable intervention, and have subsequently been killed in Afghanistan, remains at ..... Zero.

JRB said...

So, sadly, the body count continues, and to what end?

… and please, let no one say ‘national security’; for that excuse has long since been discredited.

subrosa said...

Different country only Conan.

Many thanks for the video. Took me back a few years.

subrosa said...

Few MPs have the courage to become a member of the armed forces Joe.

subrosa said...

National security is seldom voiced these days I notice JRB. It sounds what it is - a lie.

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