Friday, 4 May 2012

Low Turnout For Coe's Corporate Bash

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The turnout for yesterday's local council elections could be very low according to those 'in the know' in my constituency.

It certainly won't be lower than the turnout for the Olympic torch though! Only 2.05% intend to support the event.

Thanks to all 292 voters.


Joe Public said...

It's ironic that all those who voted "No" or "Silly Question" will be financially contributing towards it!

pa_broon74 said...

The entire jubilympics carry on reminds me of being at a shit BBQ where the host (in a painfully unfashionable jumper and cords) is bopping gently in the centre of garden with a glass of non-alcoholic punch in one hand and some tongs in the other saying 'come on everybody, lets have some 'fun'...'

Meanwhile those who made the mistake of attending are standing around wondering, why the guy bopping didn't listen when he was told not to bother, why they didn't do more to tell him that and why they ever indulged the twat holding the tongs in the first place.

There are those who believe enthusiasm is contagious and I agree up to a point, for the olympilee though, for many it's contagious like a sexually transmitted disease and they're behaving accordingly.


Demetrius said...

When The Torch is due down our main road I hope only that the hosepipe ban will have been lifted in time.

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