Saturday, 14 April 2012

Take Your Pick

Pictures saying a thousand words

Why "Smart Meters' increase electricity bills

Bloggers - We were all wrong

FakeCharity attempts the New Maths.  Chaos ensues.

Now you see them...

Met Office starts a new shift?

The fallacy of the best tariff

City Mayors are the next step in the EU Regionalisation plan

The crisis in care homes


Apogee said...

All very well written and thought provoking articles.
There is a lot needing fixed and it seems the first thing is Government.
There is too much of it and it is disjointed and the various bits are badly incompetent.

subrosa said...

Government is a shambles Apogee and the only people to blame are ourselves. We vote them in without asking their morals, values and principles.

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