Sunday, 18 March 2012

Nothing Changes

Everyone's happy. No blame, no admissions of liability - the usual outcome from government.

The UKBA will continue to be inefficient and the taxpayers will continue to pay the huge pensions associated with senior civil servants.

Theresa May still has her job and her new UKBA chief executive - a man who states it's normal to suspend staff after only 5 weeks in post - and who will be delighted to get rid of the head of the border force. Mr Clarke can now tend to his garden, knowing that his honour is intact and he can afford a gardener if necessary. The public are not to be informed of any negotiations.

Nothing changes.


Joe Public said...

There are staggering similarities with the 'sacking' of Sharon Shoesmith in the Baby P affair.

The head-honcho (the buck stops there) of any organisation may be a most useless tw@t, but if the 'correct' dismissal procedure is not carried out to the letter, they become entitled to 'compensation'.

Brian said...

Of course in this case Mr Clarke may have just walked away without a penny of compensation and the anodyne statement drafted by a Treasury Solicitor to put on his CV. As a crossword fan I liked the use of the word "notable" in the statement ;).The Home Office saved the cost of defending the case. Mr Clarke would only have lost his pension if accused of gross misconduct.

subrosa said...

I think Brodie Clarke resigned before he was pushed Joe.

subrosa said...

Brian, I doubt if there was a strong enough case or the HO wouldn't have caved in so quickly.

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