Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A 'New' Anthem - Poll Results

The poll asked 'Does Scotland Need A 'New' National Anthem?" and the results show a majority for one, although Flower of Scotland seems to have have a strong following too.

With 378 votes the results shouldn't be ignored by the powers that be. An anthem competition could well infuse the referendum debate with a little light-heartedness.


Hamish said...

Surely the question should have been: "Do you agree that Scotland needs a new anthem?".
That's the current pro-forma for such questions.

subrosa said...

My excuse Hamish is that the poll was compiled before the latest business to do with 'process'.

But I will remember for future occasions. ;)

Furor Teutonicus said...

Last I looked, Scotland did not HAVE an official "National anthem". A shower of pissed rugby fans getting sentemental over a song about some bloody plant life or other does not count.

So surely the question should have been along the lines of "does Scotland need a national anthem?"?

subrosa said...

Well Furor, after doing some painstaking research I concluded that Flower of Scotland is now what a majority call the National Anthem.

The research involved a thick head the following morning. :)

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