Tuesday, 17 January 2012

What's Not To Like?

The New Yacht
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Last October the Daily Tail launched a campaign for a new Royal Yacht. The inspiration came from the need to have a boat, flying the Union flag, ruling the world's oceans once again.

Quietly in the background, a consortium - called the University of Oceans - of prominent maritime, scientific and educational figures has already developed a fabulous plan for a 650ft ship (image). Maldwin Drummond, a marine author and co-founder of the project said: "This would unite the nation and business and serve an educational purpose for all ages right up to PhD students."

There wasn't much enthusiasm for the Mail's idea last year, so they've decided to give it another go and enthusiastically report it is also being privately 'supported' by Prince Charles and Princess Anne.  There's no mention the two royals will be sticking their hands in their pockets, but I'm sure they'd be delighted to be photographed aboard the new all-singing-all dancing vessel.  Often.

The ship is now being marketed as a 'privately funded royal yacht to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee' and the public are assured (several times) that it won't cost the taxpayer a penny, as it will be funded by private donors and personal donations.

To substantiate building this floating palace/science lab/exhibition centre, the PR experts realised they must somehow mention a benefit to children in their marketing package and they have succeeded. They managed a quote from Michael Gove, who is said to support the idea of a new yacht because there is no public funding involved. Being Education Secretary he was bound to mention children and he duly did: "I support that project because it would provide opportunities for disadvantaged youth from across the country to learn new skills and to take part in exciting new adventures."

The end product will cost £80 million (and the rest- ed) and tomorrow morning a bunch of officials from Buck House, the Westminster government and Boris HQ will unveil the plans for what is being hailed as 'one of the great spectacles not just of 2012 but of modern times'.

What's not to like? Surely only hearts of steel could refuse the Queen a new floating home. She's reigned over us for 60 years and deserves a wee gift.

Come to think of it - didn't she cry when her old one was snatched by Tony Blair and dumped in the waters of Leith?

I, for one, would be delighted to formally return the boat to which she was so emotionally attached. In fact, I'd go as far as transporting myself to the Leith dockside, equipped with a new lace-trimmed white linen hankie, with which to wave my farewell on its sail south. It has been given several refurbs and is currently undergoing another, but I'm told the paint will be dry long before it's needed to whisk Her Majesty and her courtiers along the Thames for the occasion of her 60th anniversary.

David Cameron could organise for it to be open to visitors and business groups when royalty don't require it for official duties, (personal royal shindigs should be classed as business events), and the income could be used for running costs.

What's not to like?

The Royal Yacht Britannica
in  dock at Leith


pa_broon74 said...


Just no. No, no, no, and finally; no.

I heard this on the news last night and on call kaye this morning, some plummy chap was on extolling the virtues.

He took the view that it would be a platform for stimulating business for the UK, it would also stimulate 'The Nation' (although not in a traditional way one suspects.) It sounded like an 80 million pound propaganda stunt for the Union and GB, (All Hail etc.)

I don't think so. Another guy came on and suggested the Queen has done well from the UK, let her buy the nation a yacht instead, it could be used to take underpriveliged kids on holiday which I thought was a good idea.

Michael Gove and the plummy chap on Call Kaye are arses, its a bit like Quantitative easing with a yacht. The benefits for business might exist, lots of men in flash suits bigwigging with lots of other men in flash suits. Seriously, what will it do for people at the other end of the spectrum who have sweet FA to their name?

I don't mind the monarchy, I think they're an interesting tourist attraction and probably pays for itself in the long term, but not if you start in with 80 million pound (and the rest) yachts.

What fawning, simpering, forelock-tugging nonsense.

pa_broon74 said...

PS: in that photo of the RYB, it looks like its listing away from the Ocean Terminal, have Costa Cruises taken over management?

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Anne support it? Of course they do. They used to have a cruise free of charge every year on the old one, all round the islands.

I'd give my back teeth for a cruise like that, even just once.

And after his mother giving 60 years of her life for the country (and all the other countries of which she is Queen) the aforementioned Charlie will fall heir to it when the sad day comes when his mother dies. (Heaven help us).

And all these children living in poverty? Who could resist that? Of course if the government and the Daily Mail are so worried about them, why is the government creating so many of them. At the rate they are growing in number they will all be deprived pensioners by the time they get a wee shot on the boatie.

And all these skills. How many bloody people will be designing and making this boat for £80 million?

Gove and the Daily mail doubtless think that this will stimulate Britishness. pfffff.

So Eck on his side can propose a Scotland that could be among the rich countries of the world; which would be able to fill in the pot holes, and reduce child poverty; not be part of wars; not have nuclear weapons; be liked by other nations; have real pride in itself.

And the unionists can offer more of the same but with a royal yacht.

I wonder how many nationalists that will convince.


Brian said...

I think it's a splendid idea and she looks a bit like the RRS Discovery.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

First I heard of this was during a conversation on my morning dog-walk.(no pun intended)

If the Royals have any sense (doubtful) they will quash this project now.

As it is, for it to be mooted merely proves how far removed from common sense its advocates are. To my mind far enough removed to be sectioned under the mental health act.

A gift for sixty years of living in luxury by doing what she's told when she's told all paid for by the common weal and supported by a government providing glitz as a camouflage for its austerity incompetence.

Or could it be her bonus from the City of London?

Gedguy said...

Royal yacht by the back door?

Demetrius said...

I have had my own say on this. However, the old Britannia might make a nice select car ferry between Berwick and Bremerhaven.

William said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pa_broon74 said...


Throwing money at 'asylum seekers'?

The irony.

subrosa said...

I take it you're agin then pa_broon?

Of course you're right. The only benefit will be to those who can afford to contribute.

My sympathies are with Gove - strange I know. :) But he's been made the fall guy the other day. This has been in the planning long before.

I wrote this before the Call Kaye programme - as you will realise and yes that chap's idea was a good one.

subrosa said...

It does look as if it's leaning pa_broon. I thought that was the nature of the beast. You can tell the depth of my marine knowledge.

subrosa said...

Auch Tris, Gove is being unfairly pilloried on this occasion. The media have made him the fall guy and I believe he stood up in Parliament on Monday to deny most of what was written about him.

Maybe we could have bonny new boats to police the coastline? There's an idea.

subrosa said...

Brian, the Discovery is a handsome vessel. :)

subrosa said...

Now Crinkly, your question is perhaps nearer the mark. Why would these top men in their fields suddenly (or not so suddenly as is the case), decided to build a new one?

subrosa said...

The front door's open now too Gedguy.

Our great and good think they can get away with anything as long as the needs of children can be attached to it.

Considering the amount of money and NCO, charities and quangos associated with children, no child in this country should be wanting for a thing.

subrosa said...

Demetrius, I'll pop over and read it.

subrosa said...

She doesn't do that much William, but I agree she does little harm. I can't speak for her offspring.

'There will be no public money used'. The words of the Rt. Hon Prime Minister. You heard it here first.

Gedguy said...


"Politicians in this country would think nothing of throwing £80m at the latest bunch of asylum seeking trash"

You mean like the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas?

William said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J. R. Tomlin said...

The advantage to poor children of a ROYAL yacht is what? They're allowed to wave at it as it sails past?

But of course The Telegraph wants to give money to the already vastly wealthy royal family which is so much in need.

I believe the expression I've seen used is: Jings, crivvens And help Ma Boab.

Observer said...

I think the greatest tribute paid to the Queen is that she is still on the throne. Even as a republican I would oppose any steps to remove the monarchy while she is still the monarch.

After she departs (& I hope that won't be too soon) then it is another matter.

In view of that I don't think they need another boat. If building the boat is a job creation scheme then they could build useful things instead, the jobs would still be created.

Observer said...

William I find your comment about genetic dregs offensive. Don't feel the need to reply to me, I am just saying that for the record.

JRB said...

What a total bloody obscenity !!!

On the same day as parliament passes legislation to fundamentally reform Disability Living Allowance, which will now throw the lives of over 500,000 of the nations most vulnerable into total chaos as their only means of support is withdrawn. Solely in order that that the government can be seen to save a few quid.

The crass insensitivity to suggest at this moment in time that two pensioners, Betty and Phil, should get a free luxury yacht is a total bloody obscenity !!!

Gedguy said...


All you have done by this last posting is to show how small minded and racist you are. I can give you a huge list of wonderful things the Africans and Asians have done for the human race but I don't think mini brains like you have any interest in learning the beauty of the human race.
Try and remember that it was the German Nazis who murdered over 6 million Jews, mental deficients, homosexuals, Romanies, political prisoners and anyone else that didn't fit into their brainless ideas of humanity. You are a sad excuse for a human being and are in dire need of help.

subrosa said...

Auch Jeanne, the 'disadvantaged youngsters' would be able to go sailing and learn some science while they play on board. So the promoters say. (Can't think why I suddenly developed a cough).

subrosa said...

Well said Observer. If she really wants a boat then I'm sure Edinburgh would be happy to return the one she loved.

Of course this isn't a wee project for the 1% is it? Naw.

subrosa said...

It is JRB and that's why I had to write about it in the style I did, otherwise it would have been an unreadable rant.

subrosa said...

William, I'm tempted to remove your last comment because 'genetic dregs' is language I find offensive.

However, Gedguy's comment would be lost, so at the moment I will leave it as it is.

If any other reader complains, then I will remove it immediately.

Anonymous said...

The pic of the Britannia listing is quite apt. She's old, been tied up and maintained, used as a museum and the world has long since passed her by. Sound familiar?

The most abiding memory I have of the royal yacht was Queenie waiting on it for "members" of the commonwealth governments to arrive for a banquet. They were late. Not that they were making a pint or anything. It was just the traffic. The wives couldn't collectively decide on shoes etc. etc.

Maybe the Queen is having to hang on as long as possible. Maybe Capt Ranty is right?

And Gove was framed by that nice Mr Huhne. Charming.

RMcGeddon said...

The Royal Yacht is listing. There were emergency repairs the other day to try and make it water tight. According to a report I saw on tv anyway. So it might not be true.
If they start building a new Royal Yacht right away it will be ready for when the Italian Captain Shettino is free to take command.

Gedguy said...


"If they start building a new Royal Yacht right away it will be ready for when the Italian Captain Shettino is free to take command."


subrosa said...

Having read your comment TT, I'm wondering if this new yacht was planned far more in advance than we're being told.

Will ponder a little more.

subrosa said...

I heard it was only the hull being repainted RM. Maybe that's happening as a means of keeping it afloat. :)

subrosa said...

He's as sharp as a tack today Gedguy. :)

Gedguy said...


I'm sorry that you have deleted William's posting. People should see that in a free and fair world that there is no place for people like that. Still, it is your blog and I respect your right to do so.

RMcGeddon said...

SR..found that list story. Mind you I 'aint no Costa coffee Capitano but I can see it's listing to starboard in your pic...



it's not too far fetched that Captain Shettino takes command of the new Royal Yacht. Shiping laws are now an EU competence so if he gets a new ticket then we'd have to respect it to avoid a fine. Plenty of EU doctors have killed or injured patients but we must still accept their credentials or face a heavy fine. Same with EU medical supplies ( boobs etc). Nothing we can do presonally to stop any of it.

So don't expect any big debate about ship safety or the safety of medical supplies in our pseudo parliament.

Even if the proposed Royal Yacht isn't private but part of the Royal Navy it won't be long before the EU Navy becomes more streamlined ( see our new carrier set up - French aircraft and interchangeble multi lingual training ongoing at the moment for crews)

subrosa said...

Gedguy, I haven't deleted William's comments. I said I would do if any other readers complained and it was for the reasons you state.

RMcGeddon said...

SR. Are the rumours true that there's a party of six Scotsmen still aboard the Costa who are refusing to leave their semi submerged bar because they're on an 'all inclusive' ?

And that demand for the airfix model of Costa Concordia is starting to outstrip supply with folk asking Brian Sheriff's to put one 'on the side ' for them ?

That's what my texts have been saying but not sure if they're true.

subrosa said...

Brian, you're quick off the mark with the jokes today. Should I take some of what you're taking?

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