Thursday, 12 January 2012

Is This What We Want?

In a week when Hungary is reprimanded for misbehaving and the presidents of the Royal College of Surgeons and Royal College of Physicians call for 'urgent action' to combat the quality and training of foreign doctors, it's appropriate to remind ourselves of the EU's relentless intrusion into our lives and pockets.

IanPJ explains why EU States can't reduce spending. The reasons are simple.


Billy Carlin said...

It's not just the future for Europe that is what is the future for the world.

As I have just said over at mine it is the bankers and elite that have set this up through their bought off politicians as I have posted over at mine Subrosa. All the main politicians of the main political parties in most of the countries are all working to the same agenda a one world government with a one world currency with the bankers and elite as the rulers.

Hungary was trying to step outside of this and the bankers and elite who hold the real power over countries made sure they toed the line - the same thing will happen to Scotland if we manage to gain independence.

Most of the people in the main political parties worldwide, like most of the population, do not know what is going on and I don't think the SNP do either.

Everyone needs to wake up before it is too late or there will not be independence or freedom for anyone in the world.

JRB said...

At a time when the discussions surrounding a future referendum on the independence for Scotland moves to front of stage.

My greatest fear, and the one topic that could sway me against voting for independence is that Mr Salmond might drag Scotland into this totally undemocratic, megalithic and monsterous super-state that the EU has become.

JRB said...

( Aside – apologies for multiple entries and subsequent deletions. ‘Posting’ option doing very strange things at my end)

RMcGeddon said...

It's like that PIP breast implant scandal. There was a programme on ITV about it tonight and there was no mention of the EU where the buck should have stopped. The implants had 'CE' accreditation markings. Even if the UK knew the implants were rubbish ( and they did) there was no way of stopping them without in depth EU negotiations. All EU countries can send what they like to the UK as long as it has CE accreditation. It's even illegal for countries to test each other products or ban them without EU approval.
But the MSM will blame everyone except the EU and of course it's next to impossible to lay the blame where it belongs in the EU.

Dean MacKinnon-Thomson said...

God save the European Ideal. I would die for my Union.

subrosa said...

I read your blog regularly Billy so I know your opinions and agree with them in part.

Indeed we do need to wake up before it's too late, but our great leaders are doing everything in their power to keep us half asleep.

subrosa said...

That is also my main concern about independence JRB and Alex Salmond's shrug of the shoulders comment about 'the people will decide' doesn't somehow ring true with me.

I'll delete your other blank comments. Think Blogger is playing tricks. :)

subrosa said...

I missed recording TV programmes tonight RM so I'll have to watch on iPlayer.

Being female (although not one who would every consider undergoing surgery to enhance my torso), this subject interests me.

Will give my opinion of the programme once I've watched it.

subrosa said...

The European Ideal is much changed from when I voted in the one and only referendum Dean. In fact it's unrecognisable now.

Dean MacKinnon-Thomson said...

Not true, Heath et al KNEW the one goal was a federal dream to abolish war, class, nationalism and strife

Weekend Yachtsman said...

@JRB - what do you mean Salmond "might" drag Scotland into the EU?

That is exactly what he intends to do; in his view Scotland is in the EU now and will remain so - he hopes, without any action being needed on his part.

If I thought for a moment that he intended actual independence, I'd be out there banging on doors to get the vote out.

subrosa said...

Maybe Heath and his cronies knew Dean, but they never told the people.

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