Monday, 19 December 2011


A Wee reminder that today is Release Day for the Military Wives' single Wherever You Are.

The single can be purchase for £1.99 and post free at Amazon.  If you prefer to download it that can be done via iTunes for £1.49.

The following video, from the first programme and the choir's first public performance which took place in the town a mile or so from their barracks, finds me reaching for the Kleenex every time.


pa_broon74 said...

I made a terrible facebook faux pah on this.

Even although I pointedly said I'd disentangled then applauded the 'spirit' of the effort the ladies had made, it seems you're not allowed to dislike the song.

Well, I do, as normal at this time of year, its been played to death and annoyingly because its xmas, it'll be repeated ad infinitum for years to come.

I was set about by an ex-military type, 'I didn't understand the soldiers code' said he or words to that effect. I don't wish to court controversy (no really, I don't) but I know serving in the armed forces imbues a unique sense of cameraderie among soldiers but its only unique, its not exclusive.

You can build respect and an 'esprit de corps' in other careers and vocations too, the military doesn't have a monopoly on cameradarie.

I know a serving marine (since he was 10, although he wasn't a marine back then...) Anyway, I think he'd be a bit meh about the whole thing, he doesn't strike me as being that mawkish.

I await the haters.


subrosa said...

I rather like it pa_broon but it's not going to be on my top ten list.

I like it because it's a new song and not just folk singing well established songs. Also because it's been composed particularly for a choir and the harmonies are superb.

Military folk can be like that. Part of the reason is that the 'locals' to barracks/quarters don't tend to mix with them and the families can feel shunned. It's unconscious behaviour from both sides but it obviously still goes on.

Also, because they move so often, some of the military feel there's little point in putting down roots anywhere until they retire.

I doubt if a bridge will ever be built between the two lifestyles.

So you bought 10 copies of it as Christmas gifts then? ;)

pa_broon74 said...

No, I may as well be a Jehovahs Witness when it comes to christmas, I dislike it on very many levels.

subrosa said...

I don't 'go for it' much either pa_broon. Suspect that's my Scottish presbyterian upbringing when Christmas was a day for reflection and a special meal, whereas New Year was for fun.

Sadly New Year has lost it's fun and Christmas has become a purely commercial event.

Expecting families to get together on 25 December these days causes more stress than enough. A majority of families are well distributed throughout the world and travelling in the depth of winter is sure to create anxiety.

Now that we have the likes of Skype (I won't mention the reduction in the gritting of roads here in the past 10 years), I prefer my family to visit when we have daylight for more than 6 hours and also roads which are safe.

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