Sunday, 11 December 2011

Advent in Scotland

Youtube and other video sites can occasionally surprise. Whilst browsing Youtube for some choral music associated with the third Sunday in Advent I happened to find the above.

There are no details on Youtube of the choir or choristers other than those on the video but I dug a little deeper out of interest - only to find the music and words were composed by a couple who live in Dunoon, Argyll.

It was recorded last week in their local Scottish Episcopal Church by four voices (including the composers).

Christine McIntosh (who wrote the words) gives the history of the anthem here and as a bonus she has included the words which I've copied.

Look, God, look
in the vastness of your dark
hear this song
in the chorus of the world
where I sing
for the glory of your coming
held by love
as the music pours from me
a flame within
as the night falls around me
hear my prayer
and come through the darkness
hold me waiting
as you wait to be born.

Do enjoy. It certainly reached my spiritual core.


nominedeus said...

Very pretty and restful, thanks Rosie. I have always loved this kind of voice work!

subrosa said...

Thank you nominedeus, it's quite astonishing what a few folk can do at times, without the support of the massive musical juggernauts.

Puts the likes of the X factor well in the shade.

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