Friday, 25 November 2011

Will This Be The Christmas No 1?

An excellent video from Royal Wootton Bassett. Will this be the Christmas No 1?


The Choir starts at 07.20

The Military Wives Choir's performance at the Festival of Remembrance in the Royal Albert Hall when they sang a special composition. A CD will be released on 19 December. Will this be the Christmas No 1?

For anyone, (Scottish libdems take note) who didn't follow this insight into the lives of military families on the BBC but would like to do so, the BBC has the three episodes on iPlayer.  Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3.

We need more Gareth Malone's in this world.


Unknown said...

Personally I hope it's the Military Wives Choir at No 1 with Royal Wootton Bassett No 2 with the X Factor winner way out of sight. But as a retired Commando Sapper who was down at Chrivenor in the summer for a re-union MAYBE I am a bit prejuduced. Also all the profits from the sales are going to two good military charities

subrosa said...

I've never been to Chrivenor Peter but it looks very similar to many other camps. That would be my choice too. Definitely.

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