Wednesday, 23 November 2011

We Shouldn't Write Off Labour

Although a large majority of you decided you weren't interested in Scottish Labour's leadership election we shouldn't write off Labour... yet.

Although the above poll gives little evidence as to the identity of the new leader, it must be remembered that Labour has a strong history in Scotland and has produced many politicians who have contributed, at Westminster, to the running of the UK.

However, these days have gone and Labour in Scotland has little to offer Westminster and even less to offer the Scottish Parliament, but they will not explode into oblivion.  They will use their unionist agenda to fight the independence referendum and should the SNP win - which is distinctly possible - Labour will be there and quickly reform their attitude towards being under Westminster control.  Only then will they reinvent themselves.

Therefore we shouldn't write them off altogether and we ignore them at our peril during the next four years. They have the power of the unions behind them plus the London party machine.

Thanks to all who voted.


Nikostratos said...

'The power of the unions'

Sub you are so so Tory

Mind it will be with the help of the English Torys the Scottish political partys will crush the snp at the referendum......

'More than half of Scots are opposed to Scotland becoming independent, according to a new opinion poll.'

'A total of 53% of those questioned by Progressive Scottish Opinion were against such a change, while 28% were in favour of it.'

Still we shouldn't write off the snps hopes of winning (Although the clear majority of scots already have)

Anonymous said...

This was Progressive Scottish Opinion's poll on SP4 back in March. Oh dear.

Apogee said...

Hi SR. Well, according to the poll less than 30% voted for a name,over 70%did not think it worthwhile voting.
Coming after the SNP's landslide victory and overall majority at the last election, is this a ringing endorsement for the SNP or is it perhaps an indicator of how the people view the qualities of the contenders for the Scottish Labour leadership post. Or could it perhaps be how the Labour party is viewed by the people that has caused this great disinterest, they think it won't make any difference who wins because the don't think that the Labour party will make any difference? And they are very disillusioned after the general and Scottish elections?

subrosa said...

I've only once ever voted Tory Niko and that was in England where I had an excellent Tory MP.

Indeed certain policies from most parties appeal to me and other don't.

Let me take you back to Spring when your dear leaders, until hours before the polls closed, were well in the lead. Memories eh?

subrosa said...

Many thanks for that link Scotfox. That's the type of post I wanted Niko to read - again.

subrosa said...

I think there's a lot of disagreement re the minimum pricing on alcohol and the sectarian bills Apogee. Many people see them as crisis management rather than policies which will make substantial improvement to lives.

Hamish said...

Tom Harris second? Come off it.
Not a single MSP supporter.
Who's going to put his questions at FMQs? Ruth Davidson?

subrosa said...

That's the results Hamish, however, I think Tom Harris could be a good influence upon Labour although there's no talented deputy to be his stand-in until he can get his shoo-in seat for the SP.

pa_broon74 said...

I saw the potential leaders doing their thing on Newsnight Scotland and though Ken Mackintosh seemed the most erudite and reasonable.

The others seemed like more of the same, Johann Lamont sounded positively mundane.

I seem to remember Niko saying exactly the same thing about the SNP before 5th May... Keep on it, between Niko and Prof Curtice, it seems to be powerful juju for the independence movement.


subrosa said...

I'd agree with you about Ken Mackintosh pa_broon.

Poor Niko, have to admire his tenacity though.

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