Friday, 11 November 2011

The New European Dictator

Thanks to Edward who brought this to my attention.

The video is part of an informative and disturbing analysis of a new fundamental law the EU is quietly planning and no national or international media has reported it. The EU could ruin any government within a week.

 Rather than reiterate points Rudo de Ruijter makes you can read his article here.  It's a must read for all and especially those who support the EU without reservation.  It is disturbing and should be available to all UK citizens.

The treaty becomes definite when the parliaments of the 17 euro-countries will have ratified the ESM Treaty.  They are expected to do so between now and 31 December this year.  Some may think this will have no affect on the UK, or an independent Scotland, in any way but it will. Think how much the Treasury has already poured into the EU coffers...

A further article on this most serious issue is here and well worth a read.


TartanSeer said...

I'm looking for a convincing argument against the EU & apart from the usual UKIP nonsense I have yet to find it. Yes, the Euro is in deep trouble but regardless of outcome the Euro & perhaps a rejigged EU will be born - & don't think for a minute that a British/English position of splendid isolation will increase Westminster's influence or leverage.
Thankfully the Scottish people, after independence, will be in a position to decide for themselves & that will be to fully cooperate with the European project - the alternative, a sad echo of England's imperial delusions, is just too awful to contemplate.
By the way, who made this video? I suspect the answer will tell us all we need to know about the provenance of these guys.

Apogee said...

And what, Tartan Seer, makes you think that after independence Scotland will be out of the EU, all I hear is independence in Europe.So we will be in the same state as we ARE NOW,with no say in anything, all our money can be claimed by the EUSSR. Already the leaders of Greece and Italy are being deposed, do not missunderstand the situation,and what country is next,Spain? Portugal?
Unless Scotland is totally independent,we will not last 5 seconds,and dont think it cannot happen to a Scottish government.

subrosa said...

The video , I understand, was made by an independent reporter TartanSeer.

You seem very assured the Scots will get an opportunity to decide how and if they want to be attached to the EU. I've yet to hear any evidence for that.

There are quite a few options which could be considered without jumping in the deep end.

William said...

It is extremely bizarre that TartanSeer should accuse England of 'imperial delusions' whilst advocating full support for the EU which must be the biggest imperial delusion of them all. And is taking down democratic governments to prove its point where the real power lies!

Unfortunately, TartanSeer's viewpoint is typical of Nationalists who can't see past their own fanaticism.

I think these are worrying times. The EU will either fragment (unlikely) or it will insist on even closer union - one in, all in. Brussels is already hinting that it wants even more from the UK in order to save the Euro and EU Project. The idea that 5m Scots will be able to resist this movement once part of it is simply a fantasy.

subrosa said...

William, your last sentence is the very reason we should be discussing this before the independence referendum.

TartanSeer said...

Criticising the EU as being undemocratic (agreed) is one thing, but throwing daft accusations that it is imperialistic simply invites derision.
England still views itself as a 'Power' that is able to punch above its weight when the reality is a middle ranking European State, dependent upon Uncle Sam for influence and about to witness the crumbling of its most successful foreign policy success, the 'British' State.
As for resisting the awful EU monolith, I think you will discover that countries not already within the EU club (or its successor) are queuing to get in for the simple reason that it is their own national interest so to do. This will continue to be the political reality regardless as to Scotland's membership or, indeed, England or Britain's membership.
Subrosa - I am confident that once this country is independent again Scots will get a say for the simple reason that a significant section of the electorate (including your good self!) will bring pressure to bear via the democratic process, within the SNP or other parties such as a rejuvenated genuinely Scottish Conservative party.
Mind you, that really is a step too far ......

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Tartan Seer - What part of 'immunity' do you not understand.

Surely if any institution is immune from the law it is ipso facto the Law.

By enacting this ESM the EU is empowering itself to act as a Tribune State with the power to extract tributes outwith ceilings or responsibilities.

At present the Western world is dancing to the financial shamans tune by creating debt peonage. The EU is taking that a step further and demanding the right to create sovereign peonage.

For some time now I have held the view that governments have colluded with the global overlords to act as their HR departments. I base my argument on the simple premiss that it is easier (cheaper) to buy a few hundred in charge of a country than it is to convince its citizens. The same can be said of the EU; with the applied exponential of buying a continent for even less.

You have expressed doubt on the video and questioned its providence. To my mind its provenance is proven by the words and purpose incorporated in the ESM enactment.

We have experience of this. Britain has been woefully served by a sovereign parliament, but at least we have the right to change the it every four to five years. The EMS proposal demands it be free of this restriction.

How, as proponents of Scotland's independence which in, a large part, rests on the people not parliament having sovereignty, can we subordinate these long awaited freedoms and responsibilities to unelected nor accountable technocrats?

pa_broon74 said...

It seems to me, governments are keen to get into the EU but people are not.

It also seems to me that governments (should) the bidding of the people so it matters not what individual politicians think, they should pay attention to what the people who gave them a mandate are saying; that is democracy.

The EU is a mess, to say it's not an imperialist set up is to display huge naivety. This new law (I've heard of it before) is a panic law, its thoroughly anti-democratic and hugely indicative of the EU mindset.

I was ambivalent about it all but recently, at the risk of sounding like a crazy anti-euro UKIP zombie (which is exactly how they want you to feel) I'm against it all.

Its some group of banker/big business-type people's massive geo-political/economic wet dream.

subrosa said...

Maybe countries are queuing up TartanSeer, but that shouldn't mean we have join in. The UK is a net contributor to the EU. What organisation would you 'invest' in where you don't even receive your investment returned?

It's a purely political powerhouse and has done nothing to help the people of this country. The countries who have recently joined were all eastern European ones who, I admit, will benefit.

I do hope you're right about the people having a say, but I'd prefer to see that in an official document.

A genuine Scottish tory party? Naw that chance has gone for them. There only chance to keep afloat now is to support independence but they won't, even though they know many of their supporters now vote SNP. Murdo Fraser knew that.

subrosa said...

Thanks for your contribution to the debate Crinkly.

subrosa said...

Pa-broon, the answer's simple. Politicians benefit financially from the EU. Have a look at the Libdems and all those who receive pensions etc from Brussels. There are many.

Of course it's an imperialist set-up. Merkel's 'threat' the other week emphasised that.

TartanSeer said...

For Subrosa: Yes, the UK & indeed Scotland will be a net contributer, but this contribution is an investment that is - or at least was - intended to raise all the boats within the EU including here at home. In principle I am all in favour, but to be honest it will end up purely academic as there is no way the citizens of Germany, France, Italy, the UK, and Spain are going to put up with being net contributors - Italy & Spain are in deep trouble & Germany alone pays more than the 19 bottom States combined. And that's before they are being asked to underwrite the whole shooting match.
Add in the democratic deficit and EU is in deep trouble.
Does this mean it is all over? Far from it. I'm no Mystic Meg but I think we'll see 'EU Mk 2' rising from the ashes, which is both a massive opportunity for an independent Scotland and a danger, particulary if we allow England to represent our national interests.

TartanSeer said...

A wee correction – the top net contributors are Germany, UK, Netherlands, France, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Luxembourg & Finland. However, my point remains existent re the willingness of these countries to keep pouring money into a black hole.

subrosa said...

TartanSeer, firstly let me apologise for the grammar error in my last comment. It's one I hate - there for their and vice versa.

We've been subsidising, along with the other countries you mention, the likes of Spain, Ireland etc for some years now and the people appear to accept it. I've no objection to helping those who help themselves, but remember what happened in Ireland a few years ago. The government there gave everyone £2000 to buy a 'new' car - on the pretext of boosting the economy.

You could well be right and a Mk2 happen, although I don't think the UK will be a prominent part of it because we're not part of the Euro. But still, we do need to speak for ourselves, although we can do that in a similar manner to Norway etc. England doesn't represent our interests. That's been very obvious for years.

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