Monday, 14 November 2011

Monday Morning Music

The singer explains the message behind the video:

As a kid who was bullied at school, I discovered my own cure: 
Join in the bullies chant. Don't allow them to "own" it. Once you're singing along with the words, they have lost their power.
"Cybernat" is one of those words invented to bully and insult people like myself and many other well educated, well read and reasonable folks, who just simply believe Scotland would thrive much better as an independent nation on the world stage. It is meant to be pejorative, in an attempt to portray Scottish Patriots as frothy-mouthed, raving nutters, hell-bent in destroying the planet, the universe and everything.
The phrase is used frequently by Lord (I wanted to abolish the Lords in the 1980's) Foulkes and many other Unionist commentators in the media (including broadcast, print and online) against those who support the opinion Scotland should be an independent state, free from intervention from Westminster.

The song was inspired by Grahame Case during a Twitter dialogue about the subject. The base outline was conveyed to Tom Pullings, who duly supplied the lyrics. I am but the messenger delivering it. 

Thank you Tom and the Weegiewarbler. As we said in the 70s -"fantastic". 


Anonymous said...

Using the term "Bullying and intimidation" to describe Westminster's attitude to Scotland is entirely accurate. The current Westminster unionist campaign against Scotland is simply a continuation of a campaign of bullying and intimidation they have carried out already for the past 300+ years. The key fact is that Westminster has always used every trick in the book to intimidate and undermine Scotland's self-confidence and self-will to stand on its own two feet and run its own political and economic affairs and what we are seeing today is simply a stepping up of that policy. With their cupboard completely bare of any legitimate reason for preserving the union the unionists are fixated with doing Scotland down at every opportunity as their means of preserving Westminster rule over Scotland at all costs. Scots need to be aware that this is what we are up against.

Anonymous said...
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Gedguy said...

Any chance of posting the words to this song?

subrosa said...

Well said M.

subrosa said...

I will see what I can do Gedguy, in fact it's already done. :)

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