Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Mission Accomplished

As promised (to Gedguy and others), here are the lyrics to yesterday's video.  Many thanks Hazel.

I'm a Nat, I'm a Nat, I'm a CyberNat that's the name ye gie’d tae me,
I'll speak fur masel an ma pals as well, aboot ma land that will be free.
I'm no’ the kind o' Nat that listens tae a Brat, sayin the union hus tae stay 
Naw, I'm the kind o' Nat that’ll tell yon Brat, we will go our own sweet way.
I roam aroon the old chat rooms, the forums and the threads,
The unionists are feart ae me, they all take tae their beds.
Fur they cannae convince us ony mair that the UK's the only way,
We've a’ seen the light, and it’s shining really bright, we're gonnae be free one day
Well one fine day no so long ago, they tried tae moderate
My comments on a newspaper site, all aboot the unionist debate
It simply went tae show them up, for the cowards we know they are
Ah tore them a’ tae shreds, on the forums and the threads, cuz I wullnae let them get too far

Noo, Labour hud been in power here, for fifty years or more
But Scotland never seemed tae thrive, like the great big country right next door
So why do we gie them aw oor dosh, oor oil an' oor whisky tae?
Cuz, they hivnae got a clue, an don’t ken whit tae do, wi the hunners o the money we pay.
Oh they spend a’ oor cash, in the far South East, for roads an' nice railways.
While we sit freezing tae death in the north, wae the bills we can’t afford tae pay
Despite the grafting that we’ve a’ done, they buggers have frittered it away
Aye their future's looking bleak an they’ve started tae feel seek, doon the London union way
Weel, you'll hear them say doon Shettleston way, "Whit’s happened tae the big union wigs?
We got them on the run an, we had a bit of fun, wae them dancing tae oor highland jigs.
But noo we’re on the loose, I only hope that yous, can see the changes comin' ower me
I know it sounds absurd, but be sure n take my word, that Scotland IS gonnae be free.
Brat .... contraction of BritNat ... jist saying!


William said...

I'm sorry. I cannot understand it. Please translate it into the Queen's English.

subrosa said...

William! There's a glossary. :)

J. R. Tomlin said...

It is in the Queen's Scottish. That should be good enough for anyone. ;-)

Nessimmersion said...

Would be better if it was intellectually coherent, we need to set up a running side game of central belt subsidy junky buzzword bingo,there are a couple in those "lyrics"
A wee bit of knowledge of what freedom actually entails in the rest of the big wide world would be nice.

subrosa said...

Well said Jeanne. :)

subrosa said...

I'm sure Hazel and her friends will take your comment on board Nessimmersion.

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