Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Trains, Planes, Automobiles And iPads

Tomorrow, far too early, I'm off abroad for a few days. No not to Norway, although the distance is similar, but to deepest England.

I won't bore you describing the hours of endless fun I've had in my efforts to travel by train - although I thought four changes were excessive and the price for the privilege of rail travel extortionate.  Flying didn't appeal either because I'm weary hanging around airports and flight prices were much higher than I expected.  Not everyone can book a flight three months in advance especially when arrangements involve friends coming to house-sit (the modern term for a free holiday).

So I intend to travel by car and produce my own carbon emissions for which I will accept full responsibility. Another benefit of car travel is I can pack as many pairs of shoes as I like.

My iPad will be accompanying me but I'm leaving the Windows laptop behind, mainly because I've forgotten how to use it. Unfortunately Blogger hasn't yet produced an iPad app which mimics its computer software but I should manage to publish a few posts if the app works as advertised.

My co-author Oldrightie will be hovering around to ensure all is well. Please be kind to him. I will be available by email.


Joe Public said...

Hope you arrive safe & well at your destination.

Your picture above has blown your cover though. I claim first prize for recognising you from your earlier career.

You were one of these two, weren't you?

Your older readers may enjoy reminiscences at:-

subrosa said...

Ah Joe, so you'll recognise me if you see me. :) I remember that comic strip. Thanks for the memory.

RMcGeddon said...

Have a fun time and don't forget to load up some discount booze before coming back over the border.

subrosa said...

I wish I had time to pop over the channel RM but doubt if I'll be able to fit it in. Mind you it only takes an hour each way I'm told so I'll keep that in mind. :)

Going to buy booze once there because I'm told it's much cheaper. So it's already started.

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