Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Scottish Euro note.

What If?

So Scotland gets its Independence from The UK but decides to sign up to The EU Federalist club. What then?  
We have now seen the much vaunted "successes" of Greece and Ireland rather tarnished. Were the euro to still be around at this future date, would this result in Scottish euros hitting the Highlands?

Furthermore, would the present status as a United Kingdom Nation be subsumed into the periphery economies of the smaller EU Federalist bloc? All fascinating issues to be mulled over closer that reality, of course. 

There is also the matter of North Sea oil in Scottish waters. I assume the claim to those still to be exhausted and quite large reserves will become part of the European piggy banks. Subject to being taxed and controlled for the benefit of all the EU States.

Now here would lie an irony. The same devastation wrought on the fishing industry, visited on the oil business. Much to savour and look forward to, as an Independent EU State, dominated by majority voting by the European Federal bodies!


JRB said...

Long before we need worry about a 'Scottish Euro', all paper money and currency will be but a thing of the past. The great pan-European financial crash and depression of the twenty-teens will have rendered all monies worthless.

Besides, global warming and climate change will have devastated the southern parts of the country turning them into a barren and lifeless wilderness.

The central belt of Scotland will have become a mere wasteland. Holyrood will be but a crumbling institution wherein a few demented souls endlessly wonder the corridors believing they can still bring about change.

Here in the Highlands those of us left will be in the grip of a partial ice-age. Spending our days as hunter gatherers and retreating at night to our troglodyte caves to avoid the roaming masses of wild Sassenachs and the ever dangerous feral Europhiles.

Oldrightie said...

Sounds great, JRB. No politicians.

Apogee said...

I wonder what would be worse,living through the start of a new ice age,or living through "Independence" in Europe. Think I would rather take my chances with the Ice Age, I think the ice age would sort out the big beasts of the EUSSR. They would all run off to warmer places with all our money.

Billy said...

I'm with JRB- I think that the world's financial system will come tumbling down long before we get independence and with it the EU.

It is what we replace it all with will be the worry.

Anonymous said...

Subrosa, dear. How can you say the words, "Scottish Euro". The best that you can say is, "A euro note with a Scottish picture on it"

I do not think that the Euro, in itself, is the problem. The problem is the lack of local currencies. Since Europe is not a Federal State, a common currency is impossible. The whole thing is the wrong way round. The Euzealots buggered everything up by thinking that the Euro would lead to a European State. Impossible!
What would have made sense would, perhaps, have been to have dual currencies. Thus, if I went on holiday, I could take Euros anywhere in Europe. Prices would be stated in both the local currency and the Euro. Exchange rates could be fixed monthly, or quarterly. It sounds complicated, but it isn't. Imagine having a meal in a Greek restaurant. The meal is priced in the local currency. If you want to pay in Euros, you can do, and the rate of exchange is offically fixed at X for that month. What is the problem?
Or is that idea a pipe-dream? Too easy, I suppose.

subrosa said...

Junican, this post is by my lovely co-author OldRightie, not me. He was kind enough to take care of the blog while I was in deepest Engerland, where I must tell you, my Scottish £10 and £20 notes were questioned on more than one occasion. :)

That said, I'm with JRB on this one although I do see your point. Aye Junican, it's too easy and politicians don't like easy.

Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

Back in the late nineties I wrote a tongue in cheek story which I called 'A Euro Soap Story' which I serialised each month and included in my newsletter, the Euro Realist. I have now put this silly soap on its own blog at: http://eurosoap.blogspot.com/

The idea was to give a humerous account of what was to come for the whole of the UK if we remained in the EU. Some people liked the story and the humour, others thought it too silly for words.

However, part of the storyline was that Alex Salmond achieved total independence for Scotland which was when the Scots then realised they had less power and influence to govern themselves in the EU than they did when they were part of the UK. In the plot Scotland broke free of the EU to become truly independent and there was a large influx of English people into a free Scotland as they wanted to escape the EU.

Who knows what the future holds?

Brian said...

Scottish banknotes may be accepted at the discretion of the payee outside Scotland. Beads, cowrie shells, brightly patterned cloth and whisky will do nicely in most shops in England. Be prepared to haggle at supermarket checkouts and petrol stations ;-)

subrosa said...

I'm off to read that Derek. Thanks for the link. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction right enough.

subrosa said...

Thank you for the information Brian. I think I will start refusing to accept English notes now. Time for revenge. :)

Brian said...

I agree. Please send me the English notes you refuse in bundles of £500 for your convenience. :)

subrosa said...

Brian, I have a wee arrangement with a local shop to change them with the reward being one of the local butcher's steak pies. :)

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