Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Disappointing Scene

Last week it was disappointing to see Alex Salmond welcome to Scotland the former US vice-president, in his capacity as the world's climate change guru.

Obviously environmental issues need to be discussed, but to invite Al Gore to talk at the Scottish low-carbon investment conference merely shows the Scottish government need to progress with their environmental policies rather than listen to a somewhat discredited Yesterday's Man.

There's little doubt Mr Gore has become a multi-millionaire on the back of the carbon scam and he continues to produce his false science to the world.  Thank goodness there are those who are prepared to examine his claims with a fine toothed comb. (The link is a lengthy read but very worthwhile).

How I wish the Scottish government would withdraw from the carbon scam, stop filling our lovely countryside with giant turbines which produce little long-term employment and begin to use our expertise in the renewables field for the benefit of the people.  The only 'benefit' bestowed on us at present are ever increasing utility bills - and we are the only oil producing country in Europe.


WitteringsfromWitney said...

The unspeakable talking to the unbelievable? I leave you to work out who plays which part......

No offence intended to my favourite Scots lass......!

RMcGeddon said...

Yes it's heartbreaking seeing the SNP falling for Gore's global warming scam. Hopefully the guilty men will be held to account for their scam one day. Sadly the lights will be out and our countryside will be ruined before that happens.

All Seeing Eye said...

The Great Global Warming Hoax is nothing more than an excuse for social control, authoritarianism and tax increases.

A politician's wet dream, in other words.

And scientists who greedily chased trendy project funding at the expense of real research have broken our trust in their profession for decades to come in the same way.

Thank Heavens for sceptics who kept asking the right questions.

Politicians who still echo this stuff risk being left isolated. Cameron, too, take note.

subrosa said...

No offence taken WfW. :)

subrosa said...

This scam is one of the things which I feel is going to harm generations in the future RM. The young ones are being indoctrinated by the pro-lobbies and are too frightened to ask questions. No, it's very worrying.

subrosa said...

Can't disagree ASE. If it wasn't for those who refuse to agree the science is already 'set' then we'd be finished. Science is never fixed as anyone with a brain knows. Research is vital and thankfully continues in this science and others.

RMcGeddon said...

They were talking about 'renewables' on Newsnight Scotland. 3 guests and Brewer were "all agreed that renewables are essential". No one to give the case against of course.
One of the experts said we'll have 10GW of wind power by 2020 delivering 150% of our energy needs and that we'll go deeper and deeper offshore as our windmill technology improves.
Another expert said Hunterston won't get built unless 25% is carbon capture and we "might need conventional power stations for a couple of weeks a year".
We are so finished lol.

Apogee said...

Hi SR.Al Gore again. How I wish that I had thought of that scam,I'd be rich.
This will never work because to work it needs a means of storing electric power in BULK INDUSTRIAL QUANTITIES.There IS NO large Industrial Storage means for electricity,about the largest batteries commonly used are for BACKUP POWER for telephone exchanges ,and they can cover the area of a tennis court,and that's for a couple of hours until they get the diesel generators on line.
Why do you think commerce is in steam or diesel powered ships,because of reliability and you can drive a much bigger ship.
Ever seen a 50000 ton sail powered cargo ship? and you won't.Wind power is inherently unreliable,read about the old clipper ships, look at the life on them for the crews,it was hard.And that was the best that could be done with wind power. As soon as the wind stopped,you stopped.
http://www.amazon.co.uk/Handbook-Homemade-Power-Mother-Earth/dp/0552685356/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1317763975&sr=1-3 .Get a copy from the library , or buy a copy,read it fully and you will understand why alternative power can be used for a farm or even a big property,but look at the amount of power your house uses, and then tell me how you would power it by alternatives, and then scale it up to power a small town and tell me how THAT would work.And cost. And remember that all large scale storage is direct current and all your houses use alternating current.Any one with ideas I would like to hear, because I think before long we may need some !
And I am not going into the losses on transmission lines,typically 30% on a long line, but would you run your car if it lost that, remember you car loses at least 10 % when you use air conditioning and another 10 % with an automatic gearbox.No one mentions losses, do they.

subrosa said...

I just caught the tail end RM with Brian Wilson speaking.

It's all a complete mess with the most unfortunate by-product being the damage to our lovely countryside.

footdee said...

RMcGeddon ,

your very scottish RM .So negative about everthing eg the sun shines "we pay for it"

always looking to swim upstream against the flow of common sense.

Forget that the experts say this is the best means of producing energy in the future.

Doesn`t the prospect of a huge industry coming to Scotland thrill you?
No doubt you`ll find a reason for that to be a bad thing.

RMcGeddon said...

Brian Wilson blotted his copybook and won't be back on Newsnight. He said we might need conventional power stations as well as subsidy farms. Bless lol.

footdee said...

Brian Wilson was just saying what the SNP already say that we need a balanced energy supply with in the future renewables taking the lead .

Brian with all his hatred of the SNP could only with the critism that the SNP were advertising Scotland`s advantages too much.
As for the BBC and Brewer ,the whole programme was an exercise to tease out critism of the energy policy of the SNP.It didn`t work.

Of course brian is a paid lobbist for the nuclear industry

JRB said...

Mr Salmond of late is running considerable risk of exposing himself and his party to the real and dangerous possibility of alienating a considerable proportion of the electorate who put him where he is now.

His insistence on pushing through legislation on tobacco and alcohol by an increase in indirect taxation, is mere social engineering directed at the innocent majority of the population whilst he avoids addressing the real and underlying problem in a minority of the population.

Now he is insistent in pursuing a discredited ‘wind’ technology which merely desecrates the countryside whilst burdening the innocent majority of the population in unnecessary and disproportionately high costs in order for him to placate a ‘green’ minority population.

Mr Salmond, Sir – its time for a reality check, and for you to get your feet back on the ground.

RMcGeddon said...

I'm a laugh a minute once you get to know me ;)
I thought the BBC programme agreed fully with the SNP policy of continuing with the global warming scam until we're all paupers ripping up our floorboards for kindling ( like they did during the 1930's - according to my gran who was a bit of a storyteller to be fair)

JRB - agreed.

Maverick said...

The SNP falling for "Al Gore's" .. etc etc .. Sorry but if you are deluded as to think Alex Salmond is not a corrupt "out for himself" politcian who would sell his soul and Scotland to the EU or anywhere else ... you are living in cuckoo land ,,...

subrosa said...

I'm certainly not living in cuckoo land Maverick because I get utility bills and they increase just like topsy.

I think Alex Salmond's dug a very big hole for himself and can't get out of it.

subrosa said...

JRB, it's this ridiculous target of 100% renewables by 2020 which is going to damage him. In a year's time people will really be aware of the rise in their power costs and the fact that turbines are everywhere. At present many aren't too interested because they're not in their back yard, but that seems all set to change.

footdee said...

"Now he is insistent in pursuing a discredited ‘wind’ technology which merely desecrates the countryside"

Do you mean discredited by the nuclear lobby?

By the way the future wind farms are offshore.

subrosa said...

I should have qualified part of my last comment JRB. It would appear wind turbine companies ignore protestors and council decisions by reapplying immediately a farm has been refused. This link is local to here but I believe this action is taking place all over the uk.


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