Monday, 24 October 2011

EU Madness

It maybe an appropriate day for Cathy Ashton to give one of her few interviews to an Independent journalist, but it's even more pertinent, for anyone with an interest in these islands, to read this book by Olly Figg.  It's long - 353 pages excluding the index - but will make excellent reference material.

As for Mrs Ashton's declaration that she 'has nothing but praise for the Prime Minster and Foreign Secretary' shouldn't surprise anyone with the slightest understanding of the EU machinery.

"When the Coalition came in, it's worth remembering that people saw not just the Conservative government, but also the Liberal Democrat government, if you like," she said. "We saw the mixture. Nick is very well known in Brussels. The anticipation was that you would have a rich mixture of views coming together.

There will be no open debate regarding the UK's position in the EU. The Baroness is happy to make public: '...that relations with London have been very much better than people hoped.'

As it is a Monday morning I do hope it's noticed that I refrained from publishing a photo of the High President of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security.


JRB said...

The title of Cathy Ashton’s piece in The Independent was ‘The UK needs to talk about Europe’.
OH! - indeed we do need to talk about Europe.

After a weekend when Mr Cameron was told to “shut up … and stop interfering” and that "we are sick of you criticising us and telling us what to do", by President Sarkozy.
OH! - indeed we do need to talk about Europe.

After a weekend when European president von Rumpoy stated that after a meeting of the 17 euro-nations that altering the ‘treaty’ was under discussion so as to involve closer fiscal and economic cooperation.
OH! - indeed we do need to talk about Europe.

After a weekend when William Haig described the parliamentary motion to hold a discussion on the EU as “a piece of graffiti”.
OH! - indeed we do need to talk about Europe.

After a weekend when parliament imposed a three-line whip across the board on the subject of Europe which merely shackles democracy.
OH! - indeed we do need to talk about Europe.

Oldrightie said...

The European Union is fracturing under the colossal burden of debt. Just shovelling these debts round a quija board won't solve squat diddly. It's dead. The cost of burial is all they need to agree on!

petem130 said...

Isn't it just wonderful how they keep upping the amount of money needed to bail it out? 1 Trillion then 2 trillion. Just like that.

They keep mentioning Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Greece.No mention of Spain? Best keep quiet about Spain. Well until they can't continue to service their debt.

Call me Dave parades around saying the UK Banks are in a stronger position. They may well be but if they are it's down to the UK tax payer.

The sooner this sordid, deluded bloated organisation collapses the better for us all.

Why are almost all politicians still saying the EU is right? What do they know that we don't or is it the other way around?

subrosa said...

We do indeed need to talk about it and a successful Westminster vote this evening would have opened the debate. As it is debate will be stifled for years to come - thanks to Nick Clegg, who is 'very well known' in Brussels. He seems to be a chum rather than a representative of the people of Sheffield.

subrosa said...

What about their pensions though OR? The people involved aren't concerned about their shoddy organisation, just their personal interests.

subrosa said...

Petem, I used to have a link which explained that the 3 main parties in the UK plus Scotland's main party, all received monies from the EU if they were 'team players' and endlessly pushed the pro-EU mantra.

Follow the money as they say.

Demetrius said...

Did Ms. Ashton say something about "Let them all eat biofuel"?

Apogee said...

Is it just me or does any one else see the bailouts as just another Ponzi scheme, as run by Bernie Madoff?

subrosa said...

I'm not quite sure Demetrious. Maybe she's practising that on the Syrians as she admits she's spending lots of time there.

subrosa said...

I don't think it's just you Apogee. Anyone with a basic understanding of arithmetic should realise that.

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