Friday, 16 September 2011

A Sickening Performance From the Prime Minister

Another British solder was killed On Wednesday in the Afghan war. The serviceman, from the 1st Battalion The Rifles, was killed by a gunshot wound sustained in the village of Haji Khodin Nazar, in the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand province.

His death takes the number of British troops who have died since the war in Afghanistan began to 381.

But the death of another soldier means nothing to politicians, especially when they can pose on the world stage as 'saviours'.

David Cameron, along with Sarkozy, rushed to Libya to claim credit for the ousting of Gaddafi.  Unfortunately, Gaddafi's still hanging around in some invisible abode, but that's of little concern to the two leaders who, according to the Spiegel, revelled in their one day appearance in the war torn country as the saviours of the Libyans.

Cameron went as far as to offer to bring the worst medical cases to British hospitals if Libya paid the transport.  My knowledge of Libya is limited, but I am aware the standards of their education and medical care under Gaddafi was very possibly far superior to what we can attain these days in the UK.  Wouldn't it have been far more sensible for the Prime Minister to offer medical equipment which would assist in the Libyans once again achieving their excellent standards of medical care rather than bringing a few seriously injured here for PR reasons?

The MoD has estimated the cost of the first six months of British involvement in Libya was £260 million (much under-estimated in my view) and France estimated their operations had cost €1 million a day (much more realisitic).

For all Cameron's sickening fawning over the new Libyan officials, it was Sarkozy who was regarded as 'the best man in the world' by the rebels.  Our chief salesman, from the little I saw on television, over-egged his determination to be first in line for any lucrative oil deals.

It very easily could have been so different if Gaddafi had played a different hand and Cameron's relief at deciding to take action against Gaddafi is evident.  It could have gone so wrong.  Like Afghanistan.


Oldrightie said...

Indeed a sickening piece of theatre and like you, I suggest somewhat premature. Cameron is eyeing re-election on the back of a big improvement in the UK economy and for him to be seen as the chief "salesman" and architect. Pathetic.

pa_broon74 said...

It was sickening.

I wonder, not having seen all the footage, was anyone in the crowd waving any Union Flags?

Not wishing to compare and contrast mind, but the MSM and UK government made a huge thing of the Saltires being waved on Megrahi's return, Megrahi is still in a state of being 'returned'. A fine point I know but this new Libyan government is refusing to countenance Megrahi going back to any where.

Everyday I conclude our leaders could not sink lower yet every day they seem to manage it.

I have the words to describe what I think about Cameron but there are ladies present. Suffice to say, to compare him to a worm is to do worms an injustice.

Clarinda said...

Sadly the conflicts in Libya are not finished yet - with revenge murders, tribal in-fighting and jealousies and many political and financial 'interests' to be settled. In whose favour that will happpen is still anyone's guess.

The two strutting self-serving photo-op chancers in Libya reminded me of that towering international hero, GW Bush, when he rather ignorantly announced the end of the war in Iraq in 2003 when casualties have continued in number ranging up to 600,500 ever since. I wonder how many have been blown to smithereens in Baghdad today?

Edward Spalton said...

Having followed the disastrous career of Britain's "Humanitarian interventions" from Kosovo through Iraq and Afghanistan to Libya, I just hope that Cameron does not allow the plaudits of the Libyan crowd go to his head. He is a weak character and the last thing we need is another Prime Minister feeling "the hand of history" on his shoulder in the Blairite manner.

Cameron actually went out of his way to say that Britain had made no deal or understanding with the new Libyan government concerning oil and gas. If that is true, then what on earth was he spending taxpayers' money (and possibly airmen's lives) for? You can be sure that the French and Italians (both of whom have been collecting large sums from Britain - the French for restocking our bomb supply and the Italians charging high rents for airbases) will have had no such scruples.

Sue said...

It was without doubt, the most gag inducing, vomit provoking thing I've seen for a very long time.

My feelings of disgust for Cameron and Sarkozy are beyond words. The whole thing was shudderingly, breathtakingly, horrific.

subrosa said...

Pathetic indeed OR and some tory voters of our generation up here are so grateful they have the SNP to fight for Scotland against the UK's chief salesman.

subrosa said...

Pa Broon, I couldn't watch all of it, I felt too uncomfortable watching the man reduce these islands to beggars. Therefore I didn't notice Union flags although the Spiegel said it was Sarkozy who was given most of the credit so French flags may have been evident. Perhaps someone else, with a stronger stomach, could answer you.

Some tories must be hiding with embarrassment.

subrosa said...

They're not finished by a long way Clarinda. Yes, your comparison is excellent.

Of course the MSM don't report Iraq these days.

subrosa said...

Edward, I think it's too late and they have gone to his head. I could very nearly feel his excitement at the thought that his 'appearance' would ensure he'd be top of the oil contract lists. There are many more competing and I doubt the UK will get any priority no matter how much our PM bows and scrapes.

Good point about the French and Italians.

subrosa said...

Well said Sue.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Seriously - beware the Dogs of Conservatism. Their idealogical submission to the oligarchs of irresponsible capitalism and their covert cost approach to the eugenics of the 'untermenchen' both nationally and internationally.

In just about every respect they do not preach what they intend to practice.

RantinRab said...

I have a feeling that in a years time or so the saying 'better the devil you know' will be the phrase of choice regarding Libya.

As for Cameron, he is nothing but a Bliar clone.

petem130 said...

I noticed a couple of UK flags in the TV crowd scenes I saw last night.

Two thing jumped out for me in the coverage I've seen from Libya.

A BBC reporter did a piece from a hospital in Tripoli. The hospital looked just like one of ours. It may well have been just as good as ours. It wasn't run down in anyway.

Seeing "Call me Dave" waving to the grateful crowd was interesting. Can anyone belive the same thing would happen in the UK if "call me Dave" turned up at an event? Okay Tory Party event apart obviously?

That was a long way to go to be appreciated. You'd think that would say something to the man. Obviously not.

Anon said...

Cameron and Sarkozy are the Hitler and Mussolini of our times?

They must not be re-elected.

- Aangirfan

JRB said...

Think of the ‘loads o’ money’ that UK arms dealers will now earn selling arms and munitions to the Libyans.

Think of the ‘loads o’ money’ that UK oil and petro-chemical firms will earn from getting access to Libyan oil.

Think of the ‘loads o’ money’ that that tory prat Cameron will earn when he is kicked out of office and, as a consolation, is offered a highly lucrative directorship from one or more of these ‘very grateful’ companies.

pa_broon74 said...

The hospitals should be as good as ours.

I'm not even sure I should say this although it is a matter of public record. NHS Scotland consulted in equipping one of their hospitals.

No more details, I might get the sack.


RMcGeddon said...

Yes we have to pray that Libya doesn't end up like the quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan. This video is quite distressing. It shows the fate of one of the black Africans in Libya....

subrosa said...

Crinkly, I always take your view seriously.

subrosa said...

Rab, I won't be placing any bets on a straight forward change over.

subrosa said...

Yes Petem, their hospitals look very state of the art and from all accounts the treatment is first class. That's why I wondered why Dave is suggesting those who are seriously ill should have to endure a critical air flight to here for treatment. Wouldn't it be better we sent medicines etc to those hospitals which have been looted or trashed?

subrosa said...

Aangirfan, how I wish they won't be but how can we tell?

subrosa said...

Follow the money indeed JRB but as you say, at least Blair did it with a certain aplomb whereas Cameron looks like a begging salesman.

How sad for my tory friends who voted for him to be leader. They're also disgusted.

subrosa said...

I've heard the hospitals were/are as good as ours pa_broon and that's from someone who has lived there.

subrosa said...

Very distressing RM. I was reading something about that just the other day but didn't realise there was a video too.

strapworld said...


Thank you for being the only political blog to always mark the death of one (or more) of our servicemen/women.

My son is serving in 1 Rifles in the same area as this lad killed this week. He has lost two close pals and numerous others very seriously injured.

This government have ensured that a dignified tribute in Royal Wootten Bassett is now no more and that we never are told the truth of the numbers of those seriously injured.

One of my son's lads had the complete lower part of his body blown away by these insidious IED's. The miracle is that this 19 year old was saved. Such is the skill of the surgeons these days. But, what life for him?

When he is in his sixties will people care a dot about Afghanistan? Of course not.

Do not tell me that they are in this God forsaken land to 'protect our streets' when the same politicians that sent them there have allowed the enemy within to increase in number without any restrictions.

Angry? Yes I am and from the comments above I am not alone.

Thank you again for remembering one of the fallen. It is normally two small paragraphs on page ten these days.

I have always said that Cameron is no leader. A weak man and is most definately another Blair in a blue suit (a pale blue suit).

Where are the politicians of substance these days?

Edward Spalton said...


A bit off the main topic but not off yours:

A friend of mine in his Seventies recently had an operation for facial cancer which has left him paralysed down one side of his face and with very unpleasant effects from radiotherapy. He is remarkably brave and positive about it. When I said this, he replied,

"Edward, it could be a lot worse. I could be eighteen and coming back from Afghanistan with no legs".

subrosa said...

Strapworld, it's the least I can do to keep the issue of these wars slightly in the public arena.

It's not easy being a parent of someone in the military, especially when we have warmongers as political leaders these days, beholden to their arms selling pals.

I'm sure you're aware there are official figures of injured and seriously injured but you're right, they only tell a small part of the story.

By the time that laddie reaches 40, never mind 60, people won't care. Not so many care now or they would protest.

I can understand your anger. It's my anger which motivates me to record each loss, if only out of respect for those left behind.

The people of Carterton, near Brize Norton, now appear to have their act together after initially protesting they wanted nothing to do with repatriations.

subrosa said...

Your friend is brave indeed Edward but, on balance, I do agree with him.

petem130 said...

The treatment of service personnel following injury or the end of their military career is a national disgrace.

I've always argued that if you take the Queens shilling you have to do what is asked of you. However, It seems only fair that if you take the Queens shilling you are looked after appropriately afterwards.

The present situation is ridiculous and ex service personnel should not have to rely on charities for support.

Strathturret said...

Well get your sons out of the military. Its been obvious for years that our forces are merely the US's Ghurkas. Cheap, foreign and expendable.

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