Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Scottish Tory Leadership Race

Jackson Carlaw MSP.jpgRuth Davidson MSP.pngMurdo Fraser MSP.png
L-R  Jackson Carlaw, Ruth Davidson, Murdo Fraser

Political party leadership races can be fairly murky affairs and the campaign for the top job in the Scottish tories is no exception.

If political pundits are to be believed the race is between Ruth Davidson and Murdo Fraser, although Jackson Carlaw's support is said to be 'small but exceptionally loyal'.

For the benefit of those not acquainted with the Scottish electoral system none of the candidates was elected to office by the Scottish electorate.  They all achieved their positions as MSPs through the party list system, which I consider to be undemocratic.

Ruth Davidson's campaign has achieved a mention at Guido's place where few - if any - politicians receive gracious compliments.  Will the Herald's exposure damage her chances which, if the views of the local grassroot Tories are to be believed, are slim enough already?  Several have mentioned it would be foolish to vote for a leader who only entered the Scottish Parliament in May, although a few aren't too keen on Murdo Fraser's proposals.

I've placed a poll in the sidebar for those who like a say.


RMcGeddon said...

Carlaw was on Labour TV last night saying how he was proud of Thatcher etc so he's toxic now. Murdo sounds like he'll cause too much turmoil for a 'conservative' party so I'd go for the girl to win. No one has ever heard of her, she's never been elected and she's only been in front line politics for 3 months so hasn't built up the negative baggage yet.
Apart from the Herald story about her bag carrier burning an EU flag. Which might actually help her as the Tories like to perpetuate the myth that they're Eurosceptics.

subrosa said...

You could well be right RM. Here I'm told that they've learned the lesson by voting for the 'newby' Cameron who has disappointed, so it's Murdo locally I think.

JRB said...

An interesting topic and one which it has to be hoped is causing much concern, debate and soul-searching within conservative ranks.

How can they expect to ever regain the votes of the Scottish electorate when all three of their leadership candidates have never won an election. Who are only in parliament due to the patronage of their party and not by public vote or acclaim.

If ever there was a case of tory cronyism, or, its not what you know, but who you know then it must surely be the candidature of Ruth Davidson, whose parliamentary experience can only be measured in weeks and months.
(I know William Pitt the Younger was only 24, and with as much political experience, when he entered office, - but he is best remembered for leading us into war in Europe, and raising taxes.)

RantinRab said...

The Scottish Tories? Who?

A total irrelevance in Scotland. And all their own fault.

Hamish said...

The interesting contest will come post-independence. If the Tories and Labour continue to fight tooth and nail against indpendence, they will lack any credibility. The SNP will have served its purpose, so will become obsolete.
Looks as if it will be a straight fight between the SSP and the Greens.
Me, I'm going to set up the Guy McFawkes Party to fight for true democracy, not this ersatz parliamentary version.

brownlie said...

Ruth Davidson is media friendly and friendly with the media so that gives her a head-start. What may be against her is her sexuality which I'm sure has some of the old-school Tories spluttering and snorting into their G & Ts.

subrosa said...

Murdo lives not too far from here JRB so he's often at local public meetings to support the one Tory councillor.

I wish I'd thought to add that little aside about Pitt the Younger. Many thanks for it. :)

subrosa said...

If they supported independence they could do quite well in some areas Rab.

subrosa said...

I agree with you there Hamish but many SNP members seem to think the party will continue. My feeling is that it will divide into 'natural' parties.

Yes indeed. We need to rid ourselves of this party list system.

subrosa said...

Yoohoo brownlie. You're right there, she does have friends who can help her get the spotlight.

Don't think her sexuality has anything to do with it. It wasn't mentioned by any of my gin-swilling Tory pals anyway. What concerned them was her lack of experience.

J. R. Tomlin said...

Rosie, you forgot the "who cares" button? Just a FYI. ;-)

pa_broon74 said...

Murdo - to radical.

Carlaw - Yawn

Davidson - Who?

I think Davidson will get it because she appeals to old school tories and she has no baggage. Murdo on the other hand should get the role, he seems to be the only one who accepts that some change is necessary.

That said, they are tories so ultimately are irrelevent in Scotland.

I also think Davidson's sexual preference is neither here nor there, as it should be.

It's a sair fecht when the 'who' wins it over the 'yawn' & 'radical' options.

Clarinda said...

Not so much a "race" for either of the unionist parties - more of a stumble into a tussle over the short straw for the hapless winner.

Does it really matter who becomes leader, as an absence of talent means the winners will struggle to form any sort of coherent opposition team from their bereft ranks. Elections will also split supporters in the same party potentially resulting in a 'winner' with a very small majority. One of the major attractions of the SNP that Mr Salmond constantly referred to was the high-profile expertise and competence of his government team and the latent potential of his 'back-benchers'. Two vital components missing in both Tory and Labour unionist MSP groups with, perhaps, a couple of exceptions.

It may be a tricky ride for the Presiding Officer to sustain and exact effective and enlightening debate in a lop-sided chamber. Perhaps I'm being a trifle unfair and the new unionist leaders and their MSPs will allay my fears with their hidden political assets ..............

wv - piddle .. I kid you not!

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Truth be told we can't afford the Tories nor their ideologies.

The costs associated with their incompetence and welfare are far too high.

subrosa said...

Ha ha Jeanne. A serious omission indeed. :)

subrosa said...

Aye it's a sair fecht richt enough pa.

subrosa said...

I have to agree with you Clarinda. The SNP government is of a quality never seen since devolution. The electorate know that. Problem is the unionists ignored it until they were cornered and now find they have no comparable talent within their midst.

He he, so apt. :)

subrosa said...

Their incompetence becomes more visible day by day Crinkly. Having just watched a little of PMQs I'm more disillusioned than ever.

RMcGeddon said...

Just watched PMQ's as well SR.
It's like a wee talking shop to make us think we have a democracy while the real decisions are being made in Europe.
Dave's battle against red tape. LOL He has no powers to ignore EU red tape.
Dave's attack on Labour for 'failing Bombardier'. LOL Dave could still cancel the contract given to Germany but doesn't want to annoy his EU chums.
Dave's put down of the Scottish poll in favour of devolving North Sea oil revenue control to Scotland as 'ask a stupid question then get a stupid answer' LOL. every question asked at PMQ's gets a stupid answer. As the truth would blow open the myth of our 'democracy'.

subrosa said...

The whole half hour is an egotistical ride for politicians RM. As you say it's not a democratic government in Westminster but a branch of the EU.

One fact that was reiterated today was Westminster's disdain of Scotland.

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