Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Pale Horse - Introduction by Eoin Taylor

Author's Introduction to The Pale Horse

It was written in the early nineties and is - very loosely - the sequel to the Journeyman. It's timescale is 2018 - 2026. Previous dates and events I have referred to in the book have not been edited in or out : certainly beyond 1995, in real time.
I claim no prescience, neither as a gift nor torment and would rather the book be valued - if it has any value at all - for it to have some measure as a parable for the good of humanity and its crucial commonallity with sense.
Equally I don't attempt (generally) to persuade the characters to appear as heroes or cowards, good or evil, likeable or loathable - though I have to admit my ambivalence is tested by the self righteous and their moral bigotry.
To me our time on this planet - both as individuals and a species - are measured by trends. The qualities of these trends are all too often created not by the tyrannies of nature, nor - though they claim the created  effect - by the tyrants of the species clambering and gouging their way to the top. No, the essence of our present trend is, we as a species have accepted that life is a struggle for survival rather than a celebration for living.
We have allowed the scum at the top to block our view of the freedoms beyond. And the utterly stupid part of their behaviour is, they're so frightened we reach towards the potential they have to use the mass of their scumminess to prevent us from breaking through. Which makes the rich fools - since they can't fully enjoy the freedoms by being constantly on guard - the poor cowards and the self righteous blind hypocrits.
Or does it!
Perhaps we're just a failure as a species?
And who decides and awards the diplomas - presidents or populations?

But, if nothing else, hope you enjoy the read.
Eoin Taylor
Sept 2011.

Editor's Note:  The first chapter of The Pale Horse, Eoin's latest book, will be published next Sunday evening.


Michele said...

I got all excited and thought you were reading The Pale Horse, by Agatha Christie, published in 1961 and a cracker of a story.

I never think it wise to entitled your book with the same name as one previously known and loved - it invites comparisons, and often then are not flattering.

subrosa said...

I'll let Eoin know your view Michele.

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