Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Go For It Dundee!

The photograph is of the Dundee Highland Games; Dundee New York State that is not Dundee, Scotland where the games were abandoned in 1998 because the local burghers decided a turnout of 1,500 showed a lack of public interest.

Dundee USA has a population of 1,700 and 1,200 of them turned out to support their first games and many more were expected to attend this year.  What lesson can Bonnie Dundee learn from their US namesakes?

The obvious one is that Scottish culture is appreciated worldwide and those of us who live here have forgotten we must continue our traditions or they will be lost. That's what happened in Dundee in 1998.

However, Dundee's Lord Provost, John Letford, wants to resurrect Dundee's Highland Games and would be interested to hear from people involved with pipe bands, sports clubs and organising beauty pageants (I jest).

Participants don't need to live in Dundee to take part in the fun.  The Braemar Gathering attracts participants and many thousands of spectators from all over the world and Braemar's situated in the middle of the Grampians.  So if you think you can wield a caber, bang a drum or have a dog which hasn't quite made the grade at Crufts but could aspire to greatness at the 'Best In Show' event, give Mr Letford your support.  He has mine.



J. R. Tomlin said...

There are few cities in the US that don't at some point celebrate with Highland Games. Heck, I went to Highland Games here in Oregon last weekend but then my granddaughter was competing in her first dance competition. So it was required. ;-)

It irritates me to see Scots apologetic about their history maundering on about shortbread and tartan as though that is something to apologize for. Sure it's not all of Scotland's history (by a long shot) but it is PART of it and nothing to be ashamed of. Scots in Scotland should be at least as proud of their heritage as the disporia. Instead, you see Scots complain because of those who have left still value where our families came from.

Well, you won't find apologies from us so get over it and be proud of who you are or you'll have me to answer to and you don't want that. :D

So Dundee should restart their Highland Games and anyone who doesn't help is a .


subrosa said...

Well said Jeanne. I'm tempted to send your comment to the Lord Provost. :)

Do hope your granddaughter enjoyed herself. No need to ask if you did. ;)

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