Sunday, 7 August 2011

More Unnecessary Deaths

Twenty- two year old James Wright from Weymouth in Dorset, died in Camp Bastion's field hospital on Friday after a grenade was thrown into his patrol's checkpoint in the Nad-e Ali district of Helmand province.  Last night his family and colleagues praised his courage and bravery.

James was a member of 42 Commando Royal Marines and his Commanding Officer stated he had spent the past four months in an 'austere combat outpost' in Afghanistan.  His death brings the total number of British military killed to 378 since the war began in 2001.

Yesterday thirty-one US and seven Afghan special forces died in the biggest single loss yet for foreign troops in the 10-year war. Taliban insurgents claimed they shot down the helicopter which contained the military personnel.  I watch Barack Obama act the sorrowful politician when he acknowledged the incident.

Surely this will cause Americans to stand up and shout 'enough' then US politicians will be forced to take notice of their protests.  There is little chance any British politicians will listen to those of us who feel this war completely futile.  We rely upon the Americans to drive the message home to their representatives, who in turn, influence our shallow, misinformed and self-absorbed government.


Dioclese said...

378 unecessary deaths. People who died to support American imperialism. And I'm a right winger, so if I feel like this....

Enough is enough, Dave!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I like to think that if any army invaded this country, then we would do exactly what the Taliban are doing. and no - there would be no chance for the invaders to leave under their own terms - we would would - I hope - DRIVE them out, with them sustaining casualties all the way.
[1:32:03 PM] Henry Morgan: Until they've ALL gone. No let-up for even a minute.
Even if it's obvious they have lost and are going.
Not saying they are nice people - but then ... neither are we, when push comes to shove. And no, I'm not not he side of the enemy against our boys... I used to be 2one of our boys" from the age of 15, when I enlisted.

Mad Morgan.

Brian said...

@Sir Henry: If an army invaded this country I would hope that it behaved like the British Army, otherwise we would experience massacres of the sort that the "highly professional" German Army inflicted on the French, Italians etc during its retreat.

Captain Haddock said...

RIP Royal .. You did your bit & have now been relieved ..

Sincere condolences to Family & Oppos ..

"Per Mare Per Terram"

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Brian: do you mean you actually approve of our invasion of a country thousands of miles away?

Billy said...

Was a helicopter acually shot down Subrosa or even if one was were these Seals actually on it.

Some people on the web are claiming that the wreckage was not even a Chinook. Others are claiming that the Seal unit 6 was disbanded long before the fake killing of Bin Laden.

The biggest one is that this Seal team that took part in this fake killing are being killed off by their own side to get rid of the people who know that it is fake as per:

subrosa said...

I consider myself to be middle of the road Dioclese yet it makes me so very angry.

subrosa said...

We shouldn't be there Henry and that's all there is to it.

subrosa said...

Billy, as you know I'm suspicious about anything we're told and it wouldn't surprise me that the Seal unit was disbanded some time ago. I too read info wars.

subrosa said...

Another poor man lost all in the name of a war which should never have been started CH.

Macheath said...

Although I have no direct military connections, among those 378 are the brother of a schoolfriend, the grandson of family friends and a former pupil of mine.

These posts of yours serve as a constant reminder of losses that by now must indirectly have affected a large proportion of the population and as an ongoing memorial to the previous casualties.

I hope never to see another one, but as long as the deplorable need is there, keep them going!

subrosa said...

Macheath I think by now many people have been affected indirectly by the deaths both in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I do these posts with a heavy heart but feel that sometimes these wars, called for by our so-called leaders, can so easily go under the heading 'out of sight out of mind'.

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