Friday, 19 August 2011

A Letter To David Cameron

Contributed by Edward Spalton with a foreward from me.

Emailed to Edward by one of his Australian colleagues.  I can't agree more with the sentiment but I have to ask why AGW or climate change has dropped from the political agenda here in the UK. 

Now that most of the foreign owned utility companies have given notification of our increased costs for heating our homes, all seems quiet since politicians - when the first company declare excessive increases - were showing their faux disgust and insisted they would be taking action.  Where's the action? 

Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
London  SW1A 2AA
Dear Mr Cameron,
It is reported that you have written to the Prime Minister of Australia Hon. Julia Gillard MP to give support to her government's proposals to implement a carbon tax.
It is strange that you have felt it to be your business to interfere in the internal politics of another country, particularly as the matter is yet to be debated in our parliament and is a proposal that polls indicate to be very unpopular with the Australian people.
You should be aware that Australia is a completely independent and sovereign nation and that it has been around a hundred years since Britain dictated policy in this country. Furthermore, you must know that the Westminster system of parliamentary democracy requires a government, particularly a minority one, to have a mandate to introduce any law which has the potential to dramatically increase our cost of living. In your words as quoted: an 'ambitious package'. In fact, because of the specific promise made by Ms Gillard at the 2010 election, it can be said that the Australian government has a mandate NOT to implement a carbon tax.
You, yourself, sought a mandate by way of a referendum by the British people before implementing change to your electoral Act. If you did feel yourself compelled to meddle in our politics surely it should have been to suggest that the Australian government follow your own example in seeking the will of the people on major change?
Yours sincerely
Philip Benwell
National Chair
Australian Monarchist League


Joe Public said...

We MUST limit Global Warming, otherwise ET & Friends will destroy us.

It must be true, the Guardian's Science correspondent writes about it.

banned said...

Dunno about Australia but the press in UK realised that they have lost the public on climate change and just stopped the debate, ie ceased mentioning it.

The utilities meanwhile blithely succumb to the position of tax farmers on behalf of HMG, the directors no doubt secure in the knowledge of their future knighthoods and whatever.

microdave said...

I'm sure that Cameron is pleased AGW and climate change has been quietly dropped from the agenda. His father-in-law is doing very nicely out of the scam...

subrosa said...

Ah Joe, I read that last night. The scam gets funnier and funnier, although I doubt if many who have higher bills will be laughing.

subrosa said...

Good assessment banned.

subrosa said...

Well,well microdave, I learn something every day. Thanks.

RMcGeddon said...

Good link microdave. It confirms what I've been observing with the windmill scam recently. The scammers have stopped looking for suitable 'locations' for their subsidy farms and are now looking for suitable 'landowners'. The scammers have stopped trying to convince us that windmills are any good. They're just going straight for the money.
Dave's father in law will trouser £350k a year for allowing 6 bird mincers on his land. And I see he has applied for another 6 bird mincers to be built.
It's basically legalised theft from poor people via higher electricity bills to rich people via rent to toff landowners and tariffs to energy companies.
3057 bird mincers produced 0.4% of our energy requirements during the recent freeze. Shocking. Especially when we know that global warming is a total scam.

Apogee said...

Hi SR, think climate change,AKA global warming is being let go quietly because its got such a bad name, too many people are seeing through it and the people pushing it.
In Gillard's defence, she does have a shower of independents and greenies to keep on side but she does seem to be dishonest with the latest push for carbon taxes.
She is lucky that her opposition spends a fair amount of time imitating ferrets in a sack otherwise she could have well been the opposition.
But could she, or Cameron for that matter, suffer the politicial loss of face that an about turn would cause.Commercial realities may bring the world to its senses before too much more time passes.

subrosa said...

Here's another link for your RM, closer to home:

Note the one company who hasn't sold any of its products in its home country...

subrosa said...

Ah Apogee, but what would happen to the Scottish government's renewables policy then?

RMcGeddon said...

Good link SR. All this 'unwinding' of Spanish windmill companies from Spain is code for ' the Spanish subsidies have stopped so we're moving to countries where the subsidies are better'.

The quote from Alex Salmond is a cracker..

"Mr Salmond said, "Technip's decision to headquarter its European offshore wind business in Aberdeen signals the leading role that Scotland is playing in the development and deployment of leading-edge clean energy generation."

Err no Alex. It signals that we're the latest mugs who will be mugged until the subsidies dry up, no useful energy is produced and the windmill scam ups sticks and finds the next mugs to sponge off.

But there must be something we're missing here. Alex Salmond is obviously not thick. If he spoke to any retired power engineers ( serving engineers must keep on message or face career ruin) he would know it's all a useless scam. Maybe he knows and thinks 'who cares if it brings jobs and engineering skills.'

subrosa said...

RM, I agree with your conclusion about Eck's situation, although he will com unstuck when the jobs prove to be small in number and short in length.

Apogee said...

Hi SR, what will happen to the S.G. renewals policy? It will hit the reality of what is possible and what is a wish list.Nothing wrong with "renewable" energy, as long as it is done correctly and the limitations are understood.People have the quaint notion that its for free. Even more quaint is the idea that one gets full output from a wind generator all the time. If you average 30% you are doing very well. Do the cost sums against 30% instead of 100% and it aint so cheap. Generators, however driven are not cheap and the costs of transmission are the same, the only thing free , or "renewable" is the wind itself, and as any sailor will tell you, it is very unreliable.The problem for Mr Salmond is that this all started of with considerably more salesmen involved than scientists, and a lot of the apparant problems are due to listening to salesmen rather than scientists.What looks good on paper may be unworkable in practice due to factors unknown or ignored, or in some cases shoved under the bed!
The fact you want something ,does not make it necessarily a good idea in hindsight,we have all bought something with seemingly great potential which has turned into a lemon!

Apogee said...

Hi Joe. Yes, the Guardian has excelled themselves. Believe the "article" and you would have to accept that they are saying that "little green men" exist, have always existed, and have possibly/probably been responsible for all the worlds problems that we have mistakenly blamed politicians for ! No? ;-)

RMcGeddon said...

Apogee. You said..

"What looks good on paper may be unworkable in practice due to factors unknown or ignored, or in some cases shoved under the bed!"

We don't actually need hindsight to know our energy policy is madness and will end in ruin. I've read hundreds of reports from Spain, Denmark, California, Texas etc that show that windmills are a useless waste of time and money. They've been tinkering with the technology for decades and all the results are in. Costly rubbish that doesn't provide any useful energy when required and blights landscapes into the bargain. One of our few assets in Scotland is our scenery and even that will now be lost.

subrosa said...

The SG can't back out now Apogee. Too much invested in the scam. They haven't done their homework and that will show in a few years.

As RM says, unfortunately our most valuable asset, our scenery, will be forever blighted.

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