Monday, 15 August 2011

Another Family Grieves

A soldier, from 1st Battalion The Rifles, was killed by an explosive device while on foot patrol in the Shaparek area of the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand Province on Friday.  He was part of a  foot patrol promoting a local community engagement project (whatever that means).

While our military continue to be used as political pawns by our politicians craving for praise from their superiors in America, David Cameron decides to include British police in his spider's web by appointing an American to advise him how to deal with riots.  A shameful move.

The British military have now lost 379 personnel in the Afghanistan war.


JuliaM said...

Once, this would have been headline news. Now, it seems to rate below that of a footnote...

subrosa said...

I notice on the BBC that they've stopped mentioning how many military have died Julia.

Highland Cooncil said...

"379 personnel in the Afghanistan war."

How many Afghan men, women and children have been slaughtered by these 379 numpties?

subrosa said...

So anyone who joins an independent Scotland's military is a numptie CH?

Maybe you think we shouldn't have a military and revert to the clan system.

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